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Sue Hayward

How to replace missing paperwork fast


Missing paperwork

Lost your driving licence? Mislaid your MOT?  Or booked a holiday and now stuck searching for your passport?  Don’t panic; you can get duplicate documents; you just need to know where to look.

Driving Licence

Lost your licence? Get in touch with the DVLA, (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) to ask for a replacement.  You can apply online, by phone or post and you’ll have to stump up a £20 fee.

But if there are changes to be made; say updating your address, you’ll need to fill out a ‘D1’ form, which is available from Post Offices or your local DVLA office and then send both payment and paperwork back to the DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AB. 

Turnaround time for a replacement licence is around three weeks. 


You can get a replacement MOT certificate from any MOT testing station.

Take along your vehicle registration certificate (V5C), often referred to as the ‘log book’, which has the details needed for a reissue and you’ll be charged up to a maximum of £10 for a duplicate. Or for more information go to the GOV.UK website.

Driving with an expired MOT will land you with a fixed penalty notice.

But providing your MOT is still current, you’re still allowed to drive while awaiting your replacement and should the Police stop you, your MOT can be checked electronically via the VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) database, which oversees MOT testing.


Ask your insurer for a duplicate certificate if yours goes missing. Be aware that some companies charge a fee and sometimes up to £30 a time for a motor insurance policy and as much as £55 if you want to make any other changes like updating your marital status.

Checking an insurer’s potential charges may not be top of your list when shopping around for the best deal but it’s a question worth asking so you know just how much you’ll be charged if you need duplicate policies or want to make changes in the future.

Log Book (V5C)

If you lose this you can apply for a copy online or by phone, providing you’re down as the ‘registered keeper’ of the vehicle and none of your other details have changed; like your name or address.

A replacement will cost you £25. If you want to apply by post you’ll need to fill in a V62 form which you can download from GOV.UK or get from a Post Office or local DVLA office.

The fee’s the same and both payment and paperwork need to be sent to the DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DD. Online applications can take about a week and up to four weeks for postal ones.


Searched the house from top to bottom and still can’t find it? Call the passport advice line (0300 222 0000) to alert them to the fact it’s ‘lost’ and then fill in an ‘LS01’ form which you can download from the GOV.UK website which ‘officially’ registers the fact that it’s lost. 

This means your ‘old’ passport is cancelled so if it turns up further down the line, it can’t be used.

To get a new one you’ll have to reapply which means paying the standard £77.50 fee for a ten year adult passport, with a three week wait time, or for a faster option it’s £112.50 for the one week ‘fast track’ service. 

It’s worth knowing that the one day service isn’t available for replacement passports.  



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