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Finances force 21% of couples to cohabit

Money – or the lack of it – is causing couples to fast-forward relationships, as 21% admit finances caused them to move in together sooner than planned.

Young couple having just moved in

Rising property prices are causing British couples to live together sooner than planned it seems.

The average house price in England and Wales currently stands at £168,356 according to Land Registry figures, a 4.2% annual price rise.

Meanwhile, average rents across England and Wales have risen 1.4% in the past year to £742 a month, according to LSL Property Services.

And now new research has found that 21% of Brits who live with a partner admit moving in with their other half for financial reasons.

Financial reasons for living with a partner

  • 9% said: We had to save money as we want to buy our own house.
  • 7% said: We had to as we couldn’t afford to buy separately.
  • 5% said: We were forced to live together because of the cost of renting.

These are the findings of an exclusive poll of 2,000 British adults by

‘Moving in together has saved us money’

Marketing assistant Nik Burton, 28, admits he and girlfriend Jill, 25, moved in together just five months into their relationship for entirely practical reasons.

"We started going out last July and my girlfriend moved in with me in December.

"We were both renting separately – me with friends and her lodging with a family – but her contract was due to end.

"She was looking for a new place to rent but there wasn’t much on the market.

Living together for practical reasons

"And although I live with two other people it’s a big house with lots of space so we decided she should move in with me.

"We had already talked about moving in together this summer when the contract on my current place ends. So this is a trial run I suppose.

"And now the rent and the bills are split four ways so living together is we’re saving money as well.

"So we did move in together sooner than planned but it’s working fine for us."

Over-55s wait 10 years to buy property with partner

But when it comes to living together, it seems that the older you get, the more cautious you are.

It takes 3.33 years on average for couples to buy a home together, according to’s research.

However, a keen 8% of couples bought a property with their partner within six months of being together.

But for Brits aged 55 and over, a considered 13% were with their partner for more than 10 years before buying a home together.

Financial implications

Gareth Lane, head of home insurance at says: "The research clearly shows that living together is a popular choice for many couples.

"And practicality seems to be a key driving force behind the decision: to help with the costs of living and future financial plans."

But he had this word of warning for couples moving in together and pooling belongings:

"If people do decide to live together they must think of all the financial implications.

"For example, moving in together is a good opportunity for you and your partner to review what belongings you have, to ensure you have adequate contents insurance."

What do you think?

Have you moved in with a partner sooner than planned for financial reasons?

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