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What is health insurance?

Health insurance is private medical insurance. It covers the cost of private healthcare without the need of being placed on lengthy waiting lists on the NHS.

Should you fall into ill health, medical insurance could help you avoid lengthy NHS queues and get you on the road to recovery. Insurance could help you get medical assistance quickly, so your life or work needn't grind to a halt.

What are the benefits of health insurance?

There are lots of different reasons why health insurance might interest you and your family, here are some of the key features it could offer;

  • Avoiding NHS waiting lists

  • Choose your preferred hospital and consultant

  • If you need to stay in hospital, you'll have your own, clean, private room

  • You can pick the level of cover to meet your family's needs as well as your budget

What health insurance does and doesn't cover

Like any insurance there's always a list of things that are and aren't covered, health insurance is no different. If of course, you want an exhaustive list of what is and isn't covered you'll need to check with the provider that interests you. 

Here's a sample of typical things that health insurance does cover, and some things they typically don't cover, but as mentioned, always check the T&Cs:

Could cover:

  • Private diagnostic tests and scans

  • Outpatient treatment

  • Comprehensive cancer cover

  • Cover for physiotherapy and complementary therapies

Typically doesn't cover:

  • Pre-existing conditions i.e. a medical condition that you already know about before you buy the policy

  • Chronic conditions you have before the policy starts i.e. long lasting conditions with no known cure, like cerebal palsy or epilepsy

  • Emergency treatment

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