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What does life insurance cover?

Depending on your policy, your life insurance could cover you for the following:

Depending on the insurer, they may ask for more information if you have one of the following hobbies/careers:

  • Dangerous careers such as working at heights whether that's in construction, or cleaning windows on high-rise buildings, or jobs that require you to be in high-risk countries
  • Dangerous hobbies such as sky diving, climbing or scuba diving

Why you might need it

There are a number of reasons you might want to take out a life policy. Here are some hypothetical examples to help you:

  • Jean and David bought an over 50s policy so that when they pass away, their family won't have the burden of the funeral costs.  They also wanted to leave a little something extra for their grandchildren
  • Alan took out a life policy to provide a lump sum for his wife if he dies, he wants her to be able to maintain her standard of living when he's not around
  • Mark and Jennifer have just had their first child.  They wanted to make sure that if the worst happened, baby Sarah would have some financial security as she grows up
  • Stephen bought his first life policy to cover his mortgage.  He's just bought his first home and wanted to make sure that his family would be able to pay the mortgage debt if he died

Video guides

Here are some video guides to help you understand life insurance:

Types of life insurance

Heard about different types of life insurance but not sure what the differences are?

Policy type 

Life insurance

Over 50s

Mortgage life insurance

The policy is designed to pay out

If you died during the term

When you die

If you died during the term

What's the maximum term?

40 years

No defined term, but premiums cease at age 90

40 years

Age range for applying

16 - 79

50 - 75

16 - 79

What's the shortest term a policy can be?

5 years

No defined term

5 years

Will the amount of cover remain the same?

No, this will decrease roughly in line with your mortgage

Once you've decided which type of cover you'd like, it might be worth putting the policy into trust.  There are many benefits to doing this, like ensuring the lump sum goes to who you want it to and potentially eliminating inheritance tax liabilities by taking the policy proceeds outside of your estate.

How much cover do you need?

To work out the amount you need, you could total up your financial commitments and then consider how much your family would still need if you were to die.  If you have a mortgage, making sure that it's covered could be a good starting point when you're working out how much you need.  Why not use our life insurance calculator to help estimate what could be the right amount for you.

Looking for a different kind of policy?

Over 50s life insurance

Over 50s life insurance

Guaranteed acceptance without a medical for ages 50-80

Level term life insurance

Level term life insurance

A fixed level of cover which pays a lump sum upon death of the policy holder

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Life insurance questions

  • Do I need life insurance to get a mortgage?
    It's not a legal requirement to have life cover to accompany your mortgage, but it could be considered risky not to buy a policy to protect such a large debt.  If you die before your mortgage is paid off, the outstanding mortgage could be passed to whoever is listed on the mortgage with you (i.e. partner/spouse), otherwise the debt is likely to be added to your estate.
  • Do I need life cover if I have death in service benefit?
    If you have the death in service benefit through your job, you'll need to check to see how much it would pay out, in the event of a claim.  Typically companies offer around 3 times your salary, and with the average UK mortgage being around £150k, it might not provide enough cover.  If you change jobs, you could lose this benefit.  If you're a little older when this happens, it could be more expensive to take out a life policy.  By taking it out when you're younger it means you're more likely to be able to lock your policy in at a lower premium.
  • How long does it take?
    Completing the application online takes about 15-20 minutes to fill in the questions, depending on your health and your family history and other factors.  Once your application is submitted it will be processed by our partner Direct Life & Pensions Services Ltd who will give you a quick call just to check some of your essential details.  You won't be instantly covered as the policy will still need to be underwritten.
  • If I cancel my policy mid-term will I get my money back?
    No, it's not an investment product so has no cash value.
  • Will medical conditions affect my chance of being accepted?
    It could do, depending on the condition and the insurance company.  If it's a serious condition, like heart problems or cancer, then it could be more difficult to get insured and if you are accepted, you might have to pay a higher premium. Even if you do have a medical condition, it doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to get cover.  The only way to know is to complete a life insurance application which is completely FREE.

Confused Life is arranged and administered by Direct Life & Pension Services Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered office; Pinnacle House, A1 Barnet Way, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 2XX. Registered in England and Wales No 2467691.

Matt Lloyd, Head of life insurance

Matt Lloyd, Head of Life insurance

"Don't become a statistic. Avoid being one
of many Brits who haven't got cover in
place to protect their family should the unavoidable happen."

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This is a collection of all your assets, so your house, car, savings & investments etc.


A legally acknowledged arrangement to pass on your assets when you die.


How long the policy lasts for, i.e. 5-40 years.

Critical illness cover

A policy that can provide you with a lump sum if you were diagnosed with a defined critical illness such as cancer, stroke, heart attack.