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General Accident traces its roots back to Scotland, where the first incarnation of the company was founded in 1885. During the 20th century, General Accident grew its presence in the UK through both organic growth and acquisition.

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Why choose General Accident car insurance?

  • Choice of policies, including telematics insurance
  • 24-hour emergency support in the event of an accident
  • Motor legal protection included as standard 

If you like doing most things online, then General Accident may appeal to you more than the more traditional insurers.

General Accident should naturally hold sway with the younger crowd, both because of its online set up and the its telematics offering, which is aimed at the 17-24 age group.

But General Accident also offers good value-for-money car insurance to motorists in general through both its fully comprehensive and third-party, fire and theft cover.

Who is General Accident?

General Accident traces its roots back to Scotland, where the first incarnation of the company was founded in 1885. During the 20th century, General Accident grew its presence in the UK through both organic growth and acquisition.

In 1998, the company merged with insurer Commercial Union to form CGU. Only two years later, CGU merged with Norwich Union to form insurance giant Aviva, which relaunched General Accident as an online insurance brand in 2013 to reach customers through price comparison websites.

As an online insurer, General Accident says it’s offering a new and improved way for customers to buy their car insurance: once everything’s set up, you can access and manage your policy online 24/7.

General Accident car insurance policy details

General Accident offer three types of car insurance: third party, fire and theft; comprehensive; and telematics cover. All of these include motor legal protection as standard, which gives you up to £100,000 of legal cover if you're in an accident that wasn't you fault and a lawyer has to pursue compensation on your behalf.

General Accident’s third-party, fire and theft cover insures your vehicle against damage caused by fire and theft, and provides you with third-party cover, which is the absolute minimum cover legally required to drive on UK roads.

The third-party element covers damage to other people’s vehicles and property as well as any injuries they suffer in an accident you are involved in.

And it comes with some added extras too. You’ll get motor legal services, car recovery, cover for your audio equipment if it's damaged or lost due to fire or theft, 24-hour emergency support and European cover for up to 90 days, meaning you’ll be insured to drive abroad.


Their comprehensive car insurance gives you everything you get with their third party policy, as well as damage to your own vehicle. Their comprehensive policies also typically include cover for accidental damage, loss or theft of your car, and personal accident cover.

You could also be eligible for a new car replacement if yours is damaged beyond repair, and could get a courtesy car if your vehicle needs to go into a garage for repairs. You’ll also get cover for any audio equipment you have in your car, up to between £100 and £1,000, depending on your policy. 

The third type of insurance General Accident provides is telematics or black box insurance. Here, you’re given a discount on your premium if you agree to have a small plugin device installed in your car.

This device then monitors your driving behaviour, and gives you a score based on how safely you drive. If your score is below 50, you’re deemed unsafe and may be warned to drive safer. But if your score is above 70, you’ll be deemed a safe driver, and may be offered a lower premium when you renew. To take out a telematics policy, you’ll need to be between 17-24 and hold a British or EU driving licence.

General Accident offers a selection of car insurance policies and types. Not all policies and types are available through our site, so the exact levels of cover and benefits may vary. Before buying car insurance, we recommend you check the cover and benefits included. Your policy could be cancelled if you continue to drive without adequate cover. Full details, exclusions and limitation of General Accident's policies are found once you click through to their site after getting a quote.

Contact General Accident

You can contact General Accident by visiting their website.

or you can also reach them by post at:

General Accident
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