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The most popular wedding trends of 2022

Getting married is one of the most special events of your life and it also marks the beginning of the rest of your life with your partner.

However, it also comes with a lot of life admin and raises the question of whether you need life insurance or not.

A bride and groom with a beach backdrop.

This year we have seen something of a wedding ‘boom’. Engaged couples who had been forced to postpone weddings during the pandemic finally tied the knot.

In fact, a report by the UK Wedding Industry Taskforce estimated that the pandemic left over 550,000 couples waiting to get married in the UK.

Looking at Google search data, as well as social media, here are some of the biggest wedding trends following 2022.


2022’s top wedding dress trends

The most searched for wedding dress trend

An infographic showing the most searched for wedding trend of 2022 is 'boho wedding dress', with 1.79 million annual searches.

The bohemian look has been a hit since the 1960s and it’s here to stay, with over 1.7 million Google searches in the last year.

Elegant, romantic and whimsical, features of boho wedding dresses include lace fabrics and simple silhouettes that suit a more relaxed wedding.

Another of the benefits of boho wedding dresses is that they’re often more comfortable to wear, with no boning or wires. This obviously makes it a lot easier for the bride to move around.

Boho dresses cover a wide range of different styles too, from lace floor-length gowns to casual slip dresses, so they can suit all tastes.

The wedding dress trend with the biggest search increase

 An infographic showing the wedding dress trend with the biggest search increase is 'short wedding dress; with an annual search increase of 221,500.

The trend that saw the biggest increase in interest compared to the previous 12 months was short wedding dresses.

Mini wedding dresses with shorter hemlines saw searches go up by 221,500 compared to the 12 months previous.

One of the reasons short dresses are having such a moment might be that Kourtney Kardashian wore a mini dress to each of her 3 wedding celebrations. She married blink-182 drummer Travis Barker in June 2022, right in the middle of the year.

Like Kourtney, modern brides may be opting for multiple outfits for different parts of the celebration. Shorter, less formal dresses can be ideal for relaxed parts of a wedding, such as the reception.

Not every bride wants a long ballgown and the rise in popularity of this trend suggests a break with tradition. It also hints at the popularity of summer weddings and for tying the knot in a warmer climate.

The most popular wedding dress trend on Instagram

An infographic showing the most popular wedding dress trend on Instagram is 'lace wedding dress', with 398,896 Instagram posts.

On Instagram, the most popular dress trend is lace. Lace is a timeless trend in wedding dresses and features in almost 400,000 posts on the social media platform.

A staple feature of a traditional wedding, lacework can add intricate details to dresses and work equally well with a classic or contemporary look.

One of the most notable lace wedding dresses of recent years was that worn by the Duchess of Cambridge for the royal wedding back in 2011.

The most viewed wedding dress trend on TikTok

An infographic showing the most viewed wedding dress trend on TikTok is 'vintage wedding dress' with 76 million TikTok views.

On TikTok, videos featuring vintage wedding dresses have been viewed over 76 million times.

Glamorous, old-school styles will likely never go out of fashion, and that’s backed up by the numbers. Vintage dresses tend to be elegant and often incorporate other high-scoring trends, such as lace, and floral patterns.

Vintage fashion is proving popular at the moment, helped by the fact that many of us are looking to be more sustainable. Once again, the royals have played their part here, with Princess Beatrice wearing a gown once owned by her grandmother, for her wedding in 2020.

Designers such as Victoria Soprano and Katherine Joyce have included 80s and Jazz Age-inspired pieces in their 2022 wedding dress collections too.


2022’s top wedding flowers

2022’s most popular flower type

An infographic showing that 2022's most popular wedding flower type is roses, with 1.19 million annual searches, 417,056 Instagram posts, and 48.4 million TikTok views.

Looking at specific types of flowers used in bouquets, roses were the most popular across Google, Instagram and TikTok.

Roses are probably the most traditional flower for wedding ceremonies and while there are many viable alternatives, their popularity remains high. This hints that while new trends come and go, some wedding traditions remain strong.

Red roses are perhaps the most synonymous with weddings, representing love, but there are many other options too. For example, white roses represent purity and new beginnings, while yellow roses represent joy and friendship.

The flower type with the biggest search increase

An infographic showing the wedding flower type with the biggest search increase is 'tulips' with an annual search increase of 162,800.

While roses remain the most popular wedding flower overall, tulips have seen the biggest annual increase in terms of online searches.

That’s because roses and tulips are often said to represent love, so are absolutely fitting for wedding bouquets. However, they are also a relatively budget-friendly option that certainly can’t be overlooked at a time when prices are rising so much.

According to our data, tulips are the third most popular wedding flower in terms of overall searches.

2022’s most popular flower trend

An infographic showing that 2022's most popular wedding flower trend is 'dried flower bouquet', with 446,200 annual searches, 312,521 Instagram posts, and 4.5 million TikTok views.

The most popular wedding flower trend across all platforms is dried wedding flowers. Experimenting with different textures has proven popular in 2022, with some people also choosing to opt for a mixture of both fresh and dried flowers.

Dried flowers might have something of an old-fashioned reputation. They were particularly popular in the Victorian era, as the ‘language of flowers’ took off. However, they seem to be making a comeback.

They have also been part of a wider trend towards more sustainable choices as they can be re-used. It also reflects the renewed interest in crafting as a benefit of more time spent at home.

While they certainly work well in a vintage-inspired wedding, they can flourish at any ceremony and are a chance to use more unusual blooms.

The flower trend with the biggest search increase

 An infographic showing the wedding flower trend with the biggest search increase is 'wedding flower arch', with an annual increase of 22,000.

After a year of weddings being toned down and stripped back, there’s been a return to more dramatic decor, and that extends to flower installations.

With many postponed weddings and setbacks, it's no surprise to see a trend in statement, celebratory decor.

Flower arches saw an increase of 22,000 searches, and they can come in all manner of creative shapes and sizes.

One variation of flower arches that has proven particularly popular is the floral moon gate. These round, full moon-shaped arches definitely add a wow factor to the ceremony with their unique ethereal shape.

Traditionally, flower arches are where you make your vows to each other, but they can also be used as part of a photo booth or to frame other features.


2022’s top wedding colours

The most popular wedding colour overall

An infographic showing that the most searched wedding colour of 2022 is 'white', with 434,200 annual searches

It probably shouldn’t be any surprise that the most traditional wedding colour remains the most popular, with over 434,000 searches for white weddings.

White is the traditional colour of the bride’s dress, but many couples choose to extend this to the broader decor for a simple, effective look.

The term ‘white wedding’ has come to embody more than just the colours and can refer to a traditional church wedding followed by a reception.

White weddings were arguably started by Queen Victoria in 1840 and royal weddings have played their part in keeping the tradition going ever since.

One of the most famous white wedding dresses of all time is that worn by Lady Diana Spencer for her wedding to Prince Charles of Wales.

White was also the most popular wedding colour on social media, with 884,541 Instagram posts and over 66 million views.

The wedding colour with the biggest search increase

An infographic showing the wedding colour with the biggest search increase is 'sage green', with an annual increase of 60,200

Green in general has proven popular as a colour for weddings in 2022. But sage green, in particular, has seen a surge in popularity.

Sage green is calming and earthy which sets it apart from more decadent colour schemes. Research shows that searches for this colour increased by 60,200 in the last year.

It’s a classic neutral colour that evokes nature and as such, it works well with a ceremony that relies heavily on foliage and natural elements.

Colours that work well with sage green include whites, greys and metallics, making it very easy to work into your big day.


2022’s top wedding themes & decor

The most popular wedding theme on Google

An infographic showing the most popular wedding theme on Google is 'black tie' with 268,800 annual searches.

The most searched wedding theme overall, black tie weddings also experienced the biggest increase in searches in the last year.

Another nod towards the trend of lavish celebrations, black tie weddings are more formal affairs and require your guests to be fully glammed up.

Black tie occasions are the perfect time to show off a little, calling for elegant gowns and sharp tuxedos.

They’re particularly popular for weddings that take place in the winter and autumn, where shorter and more revealing outfits aren’t as appropriate.

The most popular wedding theme on social media

An infographic showing the most popular wedding theme on social media is a boho theme, with 3 million Instagram posts and 154.6 million TikTok views.

Over on social media, the most popular theme on both Instagram and TikTok is boho weddings.

Boho weddings make use of eclectic styles with an emphasis on natural and rustic elements. They usually feature warm, earthy tones for a laidback and romantic vibe.

The boho trend has been huge on social media, not just in terms of weddings, but also with decor and fashion more generally.

Boho is short for “bohemian” and refers to a free-spirited lifestyle, with influences from the 1960s and ‘70s.

The most popular wedding venue trend

 An infographic showing the most popular wedding venue trend is a 'destination wedding’' with 1.4 million annual searches

In terms of venues, one trend was the most popular across all 4 categories. Destination weddings have unfortunately been off the cards for a while, that perhaps explains why they’re proving so popular now.

The desire to get away somewhere exotic to tie the knot is greater than ever, whether it’s a beachfront ceremony or a fairytale wedding in mainland Europe.

For those who do opt for a destination wedding, the event usually spreads over a couple of days, giving guests time to enjoy their break away.

Wedding venues that specialise in destination weddings often arrange excursions and other local activities for guests to enjoy.

The most popular wedding music trend

An infographic showing the most popular wedding music trend is 'wedding DJ' with 234,400 annual searches.

When it comes to music, the top trend across all 4 categories, and by some distance, is the ever-popular wedding DJ.

While live bands and other entertainment options are popular, they can be costly, and a good wedding DJ is a surefire bet to ensure that everybody has a good time.

Many wedding DJs will play it safe and stick to the hits, which is often exactly what you want to please all guests. However, there is scope to change things up, with alternative ideas such as a silent disco, where your guests can choose from 2 different soundtracks.


2022’s top wedding cake & food trends

The most searched wedding cake trend

An infographic showing the most-searched-for wedding cake trend is 'naked wedding cake', with 587,000 annual searches.

The most searched wedding cake trend of the year is the naked wedding cake, with over half a million Google searches.

Naked wedding cakes are essentially cakes with no fondant or buttercream on the outside, leaving them exposed. They may instead have more filling in between the layers to compensate.

These cakes look great at any ceremony, but they’re particularly suited to rustic weddings.

The wedding cake trend with the biggest search increase

An infographic showing the wedding cake trend with the biggest search increase is 'rustic wedding cake' with an annual search increase of 25,700.

The cake trend that saw the biggest increase in popularity was rustic wedding cakes, up by over 25,000 searches.

Rustic wedding cakes are organic and natural and are part of a wider trend for rustic weddings.

They’re often naked, with minimal icing, and decorated with flowers, berries or other fruit.

Rustic wedding cakes also proved to be the most popular on Instagram, appearing in over 50,000 posts on the platform.

The most popular wedding cake trend on TikTok

An infographic showing the wedding cake trend with the most Tiktok views is 'dog wedding cake' with 27.7 million views

On TikTok, the most viewed wedding cake trend is that of dog-themed wedding cakes. There are over 27 million views on such videos on the platform, the majority coming from just a handful of videos.

While some feature cakes that are fully themed after the couple’s 4-legged friend, many utilise a more subtle dog cake topper.

For many, dogs are as much a part of the family as the person that they’re marrying and they want to celebrate that fact.

There are many ways you might choose to go about this, but a doggie cake topper is one of the most tasteful.

The most popular wedding food trend

An infographic showing the most popular wedding food trend is 'wedding dessert tables' with 126,100 annual searches, an annual search increase of 27,500, 60,154 Instagram posts, and 594,800 TikTok views.

In terms of broader food trends, wedding dessert tables were the most popular on Instagram, as well as the most searched and had the biggest search increase.

Cake and dessert tables are having something of a moment and are hugely popular with guests, as well as becoming part of the wedding decor themselves.

The next big decision is what you’re going to include on your dessert table. Some popular options include pies, brownies, doughnuts and ice cream, the options are endless.


Why is life insurance so important?

Couples often rely on each other financially as well as emotionally, sharing commitments such as a mortgage or other loans.

The unfortunate reality is that this means that without the income of one partner, the other could struggle to cope financially.

For example, if you can’t work due to illness or disability, then income protection insurance can provide your partner and family with regular payments.

Or, in the case that either partner was to die, life insurance would pay out a tax-free lump sum.

In situations like this, making sure that your family is protected is vital. This is why so many couples look into insurance after getting married.

How many married couples get life insurance?

An infographic showing the percentages of people who have life insurance before and after marriage

Getting married is a huge commitment in more ways than one. As well as promising to spend the rest of your lives together, you’re also entering a joint financial commitment.

As such, it’s a good time to consider income protection or joint life insurance, to make sure that your partner is protected should anything happen to you.

Despite this, over a third (35.2%) of married couples don’t have life insurance. A further 30% say that they only took it out after getting married.

That’s a large number of people, considering the consequences of not having life insurance as a married couple.

Without life insurance, you may be unable to pay off shared debts like a mortgage or car finance, or the cost of a funeral.

On top of this, some couples might even be unable to make day-to-day ends meet if they were to lose their partner’s income.

If you’re getting married soon, you might consider getting life insurance if you don't already have it. Or, if you already have separate policies, think about reviewing and combining them into a joint one.

Louise Thomas, life insurance expert at Confused.com comments:

"When getting married, we make some of life's most significant commitments. Marriage bonds couples together romantically but it also joins people together in a number of practical areas where they rely on each other.

"Life insurance and income protection are important for couples who rely on each other’s income to support their lifestyle. This is because your insurance policy helps to protect yourself and your partner and keep the other financially stable.

“Joint life insurance could provide a security blanket and peace of mind for couples and families alike. Even if you and your partner are young and healthy, the earlier you start thinking about getting insurance, the better price you’re going to receive.”