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Three top destinations for travellers over 50

plane on runwaySometimes the most rewarding experiences can be found just off the beaten path, and travelling is no exception. While traditional holiday destinations are enjoyable, many people find themselves seeking a more unique, relaxed experience away from the bustling, fast-paced atmosphere of more popular spots. For the over 50 generation, this can be even more important.

If you fall in that age group and are looking for a different kind of trip, away from the tourist traps, these three destinations suggested by flight comparison site, are worth a read.

Get away from it all in Menorca

Located off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean, Menorca is the second largest of the Balearic Islands. While its larger neighbour, Majorca, receives much more publicity as a holiday destination, Menorca offers an entirely different experience that many find more enjoyable. Menorca is a beautiful, tranquil place very much steeped in history. Large megalithic stone structures stand littered across the island, hinting to a story that dates back to prehistoric times.

Along the island's southern shore, a number of peaceful resorts dot a coastline ringed by pristine beaches. Menorca boasts nearly as many beaches as can be found on its neighbouring islands combined. In the capital city of Mahon, there are several points of interest. A spectacular harbour draws many visitors, as does Es Freginal Park, where frequent cultural events and jazz festivals provide no shortage of entertainment. Several historic churches and cathedrals are also scattered throughout the island.

Between the deep historical background, the quiet resorts and beaches, and the beautiful, warm Mediterranean climate, Menorca offers the perfect getaway for anyone looking to avoid the typical tourist traps. Menorca is an ideal destination for the older generations to relax, soak up some sun, explore living history, and even occasionally get an entire beach to themselves.

Stunning coastline and variety in Newquay

Situated along Cornwall's northern Atlantic coast, Newquay has managed to become a major tourist destination while still retaining a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere. With a steady population of about 22,000, Newquay can swell to as much as 100,000 during summer. Don't let the numbers fool you, though: this is certainly not your typical holiday destination.

The most obvious draw in Newquay is its seven miles of exceptional beaches, often called the best coastline in Europe. Several beaches offer every amenity you'll need for a perfect day at the beach, with entire towns built up just steps away. Others feature virtually no changes to detract from nature’s splendour, complete with historic, craggy rocks, smugglers' coves, and stunning estuaries practically untouched by humans. Some of the best surfing in Europe can also be found in the waters just off the coast, as well as several spots perfect for newcomers to the sport.

Newquay offers a variety of other activities as well, with a popular cinema, beautiful parks, a museum and other local attractions providing entertainment for everyone. The nearby Blue Reef Aquarium also features a wonderful aquatic display, including a magnificent underwater tunnel. Visitors seeking a wide range of entertainment for a forgiving price would surely do well to consider Newquay for their next holiday.

Escape all year round to Cyprus

Blessed with perhaps the best climate in all of Europe, the picturesque island of Cyprus can be found tucked into the eastern Mediterranean, just south of Turkey. Cyprus flights are often cheap throughout the year and once you arrive you’ll find it’s not hard to see why this large island has long been considered an exceptional travel destination. Sun-drenched beaches, warm ocean waters and sparkling resort developments along the coast give way to a land indelibly shaped by its history as the primary crossroads between the powers of Europe, Asia and Africa.

The beaches and resort towns of Cyprus offer a wonderful escape, with incredible weather and crystal- clear water making it a joy to simply lounge on the sand for hours. All the usual attractions can be found as well, with many cinemas, museums, shops and cafes on the island. Perhaps the biggest and most rewarding draw, however, is Cyprus’s incredible history of the land.

The island has remnants of the many great civilisations that have passed through. Ruined cities stand as monuments, Greek, Roman and Byzantine structures connect the present to the past, and any number of other cultures and peoples are represented in the many historical sites on the island. For those who have any level of interest in history, Cyprus is truly among the premier destinations on the planet.

Each of these destinations offers entertainment for people of all ages. If you're an over 50 traveller, there are plenty of esoteric interests to enjoy including things as obscure as beekeeping.

This article was written by Roxanne Bridger from, the flight specialists.

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