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Trike insurance

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  • Confused about how bike insurance is calculated? Take a look at our guide to motorbike insurance premiums
  • Find out more about non-standard trikes below
  • We can put you in touch with specialist providers to discuss cover for modified trikes

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Is trike insurance different to motorbike insurance?

Though a rare sight on UK roads, trikes are popular among bikers because of the added safety and stability they offer over standard motorbikes. Despite this, one of the main issues owners find is that these three-wheelers are often motorbikes that have been modified into trikes by their owners, so getting insurance quotes can be difficult.

  • If your trike is a standard/manufactured model, we can quickly compare quotes and get our best prices straight to you in just a few easy steps
  • If your trike is a non-standard or custom build, you can still receive and compare prices with us, but you will need to call the insurance provider you choose to confirm all the vehicle details and ensure that the risk, policy and price quoted are correct and fully understood. Any incorrect information at this stage could lead to additional insurance costs later on.
  • Is it a bike, trike, or a car? Many trikes are built using engines or chassis from cars, and many 3-wheeled cars use motorbike components, which can cause some confusion when it comes to buying motorbike or car insurance
  • In general, if the vehicle has a closed chassis and a steering wheel, it is considered a car and will require specialist car insurance (similar to a kit car policy)
  • If it has an open chassis and handlebars, it is considered a trike and would need trike insurance

If you're ready to get started, click the ‘Get a quote’ button above to compare our best trike insurance quotes or for more information to help you find the policy that’s right for you, take a look at our motorbike insurance guides.

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Trike insurance options

Just like car insurance, motorbike and trike policies can come with a range of benefits and optional extras. These can include;

  • Varying levels of cover - From third party only to fully comprehensive, your level of cover will be an important choice and impact not only the price you pay for your policy, but also the level of assistance your insurer is able to offer you in the event of an accident. For more information, read our guide on insurance policy types
  • Breakdown cover - Many insurers now offer breakdown assistance as an optional extra on their policies, from providers such as The AA and RAC
  • Legal expenses cover - Also known as uninsured loss recovery, legal cover can help pay your legal costs following a claim
  • Pillion cover - Most motorbike insurance companies will not cover passengers as standard. If you plan on carrying a passenger on your trike, make sure your policy contains pillion cover
  • Leathers & helmet cover - Many motorbike policies now give you the option of purchasing additional cover for your riding gear, such as leathers, pads and helmets. They can help pay for repairs or replacement if these items are damaged

For more information on what each provider can offer, you can take a look at their individual provider page.

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