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Friendships, finance and the future

Friendships, finance and the future teaserExploring the anatomy of modern singledom

In this report from, with data gathered by Future Poll, we explore the phenomenon of mate-trimony - commitment to one's mates. We also look at who these people are: Financially Liberated and Positive singles who are turning the tables on the stereotype of the sad singleton.

We also look at how the MOSH (Multiple Occupancy Shared Home) is redefining the traditional household structure, and the insurance needs of friends investing together.

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The trend for single people to 'mate for life' with their friends could significantly influence the future of insurance.

This study reveals that just 40 per cent of singles who have never been married think they will get married in the future, and 43 per cent of singles say the law should recognise friendship as being just as important as marriage.

Single adults stick with their friends through thick and thin, and they want the government to take this just a seriously as they do. staff writer


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