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13 soothing gifs to calm you down

biscuit machine
We know exactly how you're feeling right now. Let us soothe you with these hypnotic gifs.  Read More…

QUIZ: What's the most dangerous job in the UK?

injured man
Do you know what the most dangerous job in the UK is? Take our quiz.  Read More…

Maternity leave – expectation vs reality

woman with cartoon face
You might be itching to leave work for a few months, but what’s it really like during maternity leave?  Read More…

The average age of first time mothers rises to 30.2

The average age of new mothers in England and Wales has risen to 30.2, according to new data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).  Read More…

Seven of the best health apps to get fit

Health apps
Keeping healthy is on most people’s mind but it’s not always easy with a busy life.  Read More…’s Guide to Critical Illness Insurance

Doctor and patient
When planning your family’s financial future, it’s important to consider all the possible eventualities you may have to face.  Read More…

How much could a New Year’s illness cost you?

Woman with flu
If you’re ill and need to take time off work, do you know where you stand financially? We look what rights you have to be paid for periods of poor health.  Read More…

10 cringe-worthy DIY wedding fails that you should avoid

Wedding venue fails
Because there are some things you should leave to the professionals  Read More…

Would you sign a prenup if asked?

Bride and groom on wedding cake
Prenups could become commonplace if new proposals are adopted. But would signing one doom your marriage to failure before it's begun?  Read More…

Teenage jargon buster for parents

Teenage jargon
Here's the down-low on some of the more common slang terms doing the rounds today.  Read More…

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