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Behind the scenes at HQ we've always got lots going on. From charity events to fun and games, here’s what we’re up to at the moment:

January 2014

Smart Swaps logo
After the festive break, the office decided to get behind the Change4life’s Smart Swapcampaign.

The idea behind the campaign is that making just one or two small changes to your diet can make a big difference in the long-run. 

This could mean swapping butter for a lower-fat version, eating a reduced fat cheese rather than a full fat one or just choosing to take the lift rather than the stairs.

While many individuals and teams at have taken part in activities such as running 10k’s, climbing mountains in the 3 peaks challenge and jumping out of planes to raise money for the Stroke Association, Smart Swaps is something the whole office can get involved in.

So how are we getting involved?

two pints of milk with a mug1. One of the perks of working at is that the office is supplied with free tea and coffee. 

Once a week we’re delivered about 96 pints of semi-skimmed milk, but that all changed with one simple swap as the office is now supplied with skimmed milk. 

That might not sound like a lot, but that one simple swap now means the combined office fat intake through milk alone has dropped a massive 902g from 950g for semi-skimmed to only 48g for skimmed milk.

2. The office is on the 3rd floor of which means we have lifts to take us up and down the building. 

During January we’re encouraging staff to swap the lift for the 3 flights of stairs it takes to get to the office from the ground floor. 

Now taking the stairs just once isn’t going to burn a huge amount of calories, but make that trip a couple of times a day, and over the course of the week, the calorie count builds up.

Free cereal at

3. With the office based in a city centre, there are often lots of tempting snacks on offer for

This January, rather than picking up a bacon sandwich on the way to work, we’re offering free cereal to all staff in a bid to swap out the fatty indulgences for something a little healthier.  staff from bakeries and coffee shops lining the route to work. 

Swapping just one bacon roll for a bowl of muesli and milk can save 8.3 grams of fat.

If you'd like to find out more about Change4life and the Smart Swaps campaign, you can find lots of helpful information on the Change4life website.

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