Steve Dukes

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

"We’ve been in the business of helping customers for over two decades. But despite our good work there’s still plenty of confusion around insurance, utilities and personal finance. Our work is far from done.

I’m passionate about helping customers, and I truly believe businesses should be a force for good in society." logo

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Steve Dukes, CEO at

Steve’s background and expertise

Steve is an accomplished executive with a 20-year career in the financial services industry. As CEO of, Steve is dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience, empowering our customers to make informed buying decisions. 

Steve's unwavering commitment lies in fostering long-term, valuable relationships with our customers, saving them precious time, money, and unnecessary hassle. His expertise, gained from senior roles at prominent companies like CommuterClub and Wonga, allows him to combine the latest technology with customer needs, leading to the development of evolving propositions that keep pace with their ever-changing demands.

He firmly believes in putting our customers first and strives to integrate operations and technology seamlessly, resulting in a clear and effortless experience for them.

At, we’re privileged to have Steve at the helm, driving our vision to provide an even clearer and more seamless experience for our customers.

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