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How to earn cashback on fuel


You can earn pounds at the pump with cashback credit cards and petrol loyalty cards.

Fuel pump

Cashback credit cards

Pay for petrol with a Santander 123 credit card and you can earn 3% cashback, up to a maximum £3 a month.

However, as this card has a £3 monthly fee, to make money you’ll need to use it for other spending as well. Shopping at supermarkets or department stores, for instance, earns 2% cashback.

Use it regularly and you can bag a maximum £6 a month after the £3 fee. For its 123 current account customers, the fee is waived for the first six months.

If you’re planning a big road trip, it’s worth packing an American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card. This one pays 5% cashback on all spending during the first three months, but only up to £100 cashback.

However, there’s no annual fee and you can earn up to 1% after three months. Also, the cashback will be paid to you in the month after the anniversary of taking out the card.

American Express

If you often shop at Asda, you many consider their Cashback Credit Card. It pays 1% on Asda shopping including petrol. Vouchers can be downloaded and printed from a minimum of £2.50.

Remember to always choose carefully. Some charge annual fees but offer ongoing cashback, while others offer good introductory rates but only for the short term.

Tesco Clubcard

With this you’ll earn a point for every £2 spent on fuel at Tesco. And you can boost this if you pay with a Tesco Clubcard Credit Card, with an additional point added for every £4 spent.

You’ll need a minimum of 150 points for a £1.50 voucher. Vouchers can be used in lieu of cash at Tesco outlets, or you can boost their value by swapping for theme park tickets or restaurant vouchers, for example.

Tesco Club Card

Tesco points at Esso

You can drive off with Clubcard points at Esso too. Buy fuel at an Esso station with a Tesco shop and you’ll get a point on every £3. At other Esso stations, you’ll get a point for every two litres of fuel.

Spending in Esso shops means a point for every £1, and you can earn points on car washes too.

Use your Nectar card at BP and Sainsbury’s

Nectar Card

You can earn points on fuel with one point per litre at both outlets, and two points for every pound spent in a BP or Sainsbury’s store.

Every 500 points earn you a £2.50 voucher which, like the Tesco offer, can be traded in for theme park tickets or restaurant and cinema vouchers.

Shell Drivers’ Club Card

Shell Drivers Club Card

The Shell Drivers’ Club Card is free, and gets you a point for every litre of regular petrol or diesel, and two points on its premium fuel. Also, you can earn points on car washes or on Shell motor products as well.

For every 500 points you’ll get £2.50 in Shell Fuel vouchers, which can also be swapped for shopping vouchers or gift cards.

However, at a point per litre (in cash terms), this means spending around £555 on unleaded or diesel to get a £2.50 voucher.

Texaco Star Rewards

Texaco Star Rewards

You can join online, by phone, or pick up a form at your local Texaco station.

With this one it’s a point per litre of fuel. And once you’ve stacked up 500 points, you can get a £5 voucher or gift card for stores including M&S and Argos.

Morrisons More

Morrisons More

With this card you can collect points at Morrisons stores or petrol stations.

One litre of fuel gets you 10 points, and for every 5,000 points you’ll get a £5 voucher. As a rough guide this means spending around £555 for every £5 voucher.

If you want to save even more, remember to check our fuel price comparison tool to find cheapest place to fill up.


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