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European travel guide


If you're going to see your favourite teams play in the Champions League, here's some information on the 12 hosting cities.

Use the map below to find out which airlines fly direct to each city, which hotel is rated highest and how much a pint and a meal will cost you.

Just click on the icon in the relevant city to get more information.

While travelling on the continent can be a lot of fun, it's worth bearing in mind that each country may have specific laws, customs or quirks that could land you in hot water should you not be aware of them.


Hosting city: Brussels

It's illegal to wear any clothing that obscures or hides a person's face (this includes items such as burkas and niqabs) in a public place. You must also carry some form of ID with you at all times.

You must carry a warning triangle in your car if you plan on driving. Read our guide to driving in Belgium for more information.


Hosting city: Razgrad

The country is on a regular alert for the risk of wildfires during summer and early autumn. Fires can spread quickly and cover a large area, so keep up with local media for news of any impending risk.

To drive in Bulgaria, you'll need to have a fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, warning triangle and reflective vest in your car. Read our guide to driving in Bulgaria for more information.


Hosting city: Rome

Illegal street markets are common in Italian cities, and anyone caught buying from these street traders face being fined. Also, some areas of Italy impose a tourist tax that varies depending on the price of the hotel and the duration of your holiday.

Some areas of Italy have Low Emission Zones, and only cars that conform to their standards can drive in the city. Read our guide to driving in Italy for more information.


Hosting cities: DortmundGelsenkirchenMunich

Crossing the street on a red light (jaywalking) is an offence, and anyone caught doing so could face a fine. 

Driving along Germany's famous autobahn can be exhilarating, but make sure you have a full tank of petrol - running empty on the autobahn is illegal. Read our guide to driving in Germany for more on this.


Hosting city: Lisbon

If you're tempted to put a bet on at the bookies while visiting, be careful. Gambling and games of chance are illegal unless you're at a venue that has been properly licensed by the Portuguese government.

When driving in the city, you should park at least 15m away from a bus stop, at at least 18m away from a junction. Ready our guide to driving in Portugal for more on this.


Hosting city: Moscow

You'll need a visa to enter Russia, which you should get before you set out. The visa will have strict conditions about the length and validity of your visit, so make sure you adhere to them.


Hosting city: Maribor

Anyone visiting Slovenia needs to register with the police within three days of arriving in the country. Most hotels will do this for you, but if you're staying elsewhere you'll need to do it yourself.

Some parts of western Slovenia suffer from occasional tremors as these areas are on an earthquake fault-line.


Hosting city: Madrid

Some areas of Spain have strict laws against drinking in public places, and anyone caught drinking on the street or even on the beach can be fined between €30 and €1,500.

If you wear glasses, be sure to keep a spare pair in the car at all times - it's a legal requirement. Read our guide to driving in Spain for more information.


Hosting city: Basel

If you're a smoker, keep an eye out for dedicated cafés and bars that have smoking licenses. Otherwise, smoking in enclosed public spaces is completely banned.


Hosting city: Istanbul

It's a legal requirement to have some form of photo ID on you at all times (a photocopy of your passport will be fine for this).

If you're planning on a long-haul trek to Istanbul by car, remember to keep a first aid kit and two warning triangles in your car. Read our guide to driving in Turkey for more information.

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