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Pet insurance guides

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Guide icon for pet vaccinations guide

A guide to pet vaccinations

Most pet owners consider vaccinations a routine part of looking after their pet. Looking after an animal’s health can be time-consuming and not everyone realises how important it is.

Guide icon for car insurance buyers guide

Cat insurance buyers guide

Not having cat insurance means are taking a risk that your pet won’t be able to have the treatment he or she may need.

Guide icon for dog insurance buyers guide

Dog insurance buyers guide

When money’s tight, products like dog insurance may seem like a bit of a luxury and many owners consider cancelling their policies or skip the cover altogether.

Guide icon for animal grooming pet insurance guide

Guide to animal grooming

Grooming doesn't mean your pooch has to be coiffed and decorated like the overdone poodles at a dog show. The grooming process is about making sure cats and dogs' coats are untangled and flea-free.

Guide iconf for choosing the right animal transport guide

Guide to choosing the right animal transport

Although they tend not to like it, transporting your pet is an occupational hazard. Find out the right way to transport them here. Read more >>
Guide icon for making your own pet food guide

Guide to making your own pet food

As an animal lover, you'll want to give your pet the best possible diet. Here's how to make your cat or dog healthy homemade meals.

Guide icon for how pet insurance is calculated guide

How pet insurance is calculated

Pets are a great addition to the family but they are not without their costs. In fact, a recent survey suggested that dogs, for example, will cost owners over £10,000 in day-to-day expenses.

Guide icon for how to cancel pet insurance guide

How to cancel pet insurance

After the 14 days has elapsed, you can usually still cancel your policy at anytime but you won’t receive a refund for any premiums you have paid up until the date of cancelling.

Guide icon for how to care for your pet correctly guide

How to care for your pet correctly

From pythons to poodles, every pet needs to be looked after properly. In fact, the law requires it. But what are the basics required for looking after a pet?

Guide icon for changing pet insurance policy guide

How to change your pet insurance

The main reason why people need pet insurance is to cover the cost of vets’ fees. Recent advances in veterinary science mean that vets can successfully treat animals for a greater number of serious conditions.

Guide icon for claiming on your pet insurance guide

How to claim on your pet insurance

Whenever your pet requires emergency medical care or ongoing treatment, you should check with your insurer to see if you can make a claim.

Guide icon for making a dog bed guide

How to make a dog bed

If you're handy with a needle, you can make your dog a cosy, secure place in which to sleep. Here's how. Read more >>
Guide icon for pet insurance buyers guide

Pet insurance buyer's guide

A handy guide to take the confusion out of buying pet insurance and getting your cat or dog covered with minimal hassle.

Guide icon for pet passport an animal lovers guide

Pet passports – an animal lover’s guide

Everyone needs a holiday including your pets. It wouldn’t be the same if they had to stay at home. But happily, under the DEFRA pet travel scheme it’s easier than ever for Rover and Tibbles to enjoy a break.


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