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Saving money with a burglar alarm

Types of home insuranceIf you’re looking to save money on your home insurance, it’s a good idea to get the right level of security on your property.When you apply for cover, insurers ask what locks you have and also whether you have a burglar alarm.

In some cases, you’ll get a discount off the normal premium if your property has a higher degree of protection against intruders. But when you make an application for cover, you’ll need to specify exactly what kind of alarm you have.

Insurers will offer different discounts for different types of alarm, but approaches vary. That’s why it’s always a good idea to compare quotes from as many providers as possible. During your home insurance application process, you’ll be asked what kind of alarm you have, if any. There are five main options. If yours is not covered here, choose “Other Alarm” – you may need to give your insurer more details later on.

If you have no burglar alarm, choose “No Alarm”, but consider getting your security upgraded. Read the small print of your documents to check you have the correct levels of security for your home.

These are the five alarm options:

  • NUD Audible-Only Alarm
  • NUD Monitored Alarm
  • Nacoss Audible-Only Alarm
  • Nacoss Monitored Alarm
  • SSAIB Alarm Fitted

An audible-only alarm is one which emits a noise / siren when an intruder or break-in is detected. A monitored alarm is connected to an external security company: they will be informed immediately in the event of the alarm being triggered. The type of alarm you choose on the drop-down menu when applying for a home-insurance quote depends on which organisation has certified your alarm system:

NUD: Norwich Union Direct
Nacoss: National Approval Council Of Security Systems
SSAIB: Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board

Check the documentation that came with your alarm to see which, if any, of these applies.

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