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The dangers of driving in high heels

Have you ever driven in high heels? research* shows that 40 per cent of women admit to driving in heels. And yet it can be risky to do so. Nineteen per cent of 25-34 year olds admit as much, but still do anyway.

And it’s bad for the shoes!

So at we’re encouraging the ladies to drive in sensible footwear. That’s why we’re running a competition to win some stylish yet practical Butterfly Twists.

Watch the video and read on to find out how to win.


Want to enter our competition to win a pair of Butterfly Twists? Here's how:

1. Follow on Pinterest.

2. We will then add you as a contributor

3. Pin a picture on our 'Driving in Heels' board of yourself wearing your most extravagant heels, and then label it 'I want to win a pair of Butterfly Twists with'.

More bad driving habits

Driving in heels aren’t the only bad habits those polled admitted to:

  • 39% of women and 27% of men drive in flip flops, which can easily get stuck beneath the pedals.
  • 51% of men and 42% of women eat while driving.
  • 52% of men and 46% of women admit to regularly changing their music, CD or radio behind the wheel.
  • 49% of men admitted to picking their nose while driving. Ew!


*Poll of 2,000 people in the UK carried out by OnePoll on behalf of during Feb 2012


James Cuff

James Cuff

James Cuff is head of content and social media. He joined in 2012 from The Sunday Times.

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