What is the car insurance price index?

The Confused.com car insurance price index, in association with Towers Watson, tracks UK comprehensive car insurance prices through analysis performed each quarter. The index can identify very specific trends occurring to all insured drivers across the country.

How is the price index worked out?

To work out car insurance price trends over a quarter, we supply data to insurance risk management specialists Towers Watson. The data comes from real quotes given to Confused.com customers. This amounts to more than 4 million quotes per quarter. We also supply every price given by insurers*. The figures produced are based on the average of the 5 lowest quotes received by the customer.

We don't supply any data that can directly identify either an individual customer or a specific insurer. We respect our customers' data, and will not pass it on. Likewise, we do not say which insurer provided which price, so they cannot be singled out either.

Towers Watson then apply weightings to the data, so that the results reflect the entire market, rather than Confused.com's particular demographic.

The most comprehensive analysis in the UK

The Confused.com price index, in association with Towers Watson, is the most comprehensive analysis of its kind in the UK. The information can be broken down by age, gender, region, postal town and ABI vehicle grouping. As such, we can identify very specific trends occurring to all sorts of customer types across the country.

*We exclude any quotes for customers who receive fewer than 5 prices.

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