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Join our fight against potholes

Sign our pothole road sign petition here

The UK has a new national obsession – potholes.

In a recent survey we've found that damages to cars, caused by potholes, cost the UK motorist an average of £400 a year. We've also found that 90% of motorists don't feel adequately alerted to potholes on roads.

In response to this, has worked with national industry experts to create the first ever pothole road sign which we are campaigning to be used nationwide. Our two million potholes aren’t going to be fixed overnight, so meanwhile motorists need to be alerted to our most dangerous roads.

We will present this petition to the Department of Transport, to urge them to make this road sign nationally recognised within the Highway Code.

Sign our petition and join in our fight to reduce accidents, or read our top tips for if your car is damaged by a pothole.

Things You Didn’t Know About Potholes

  • A pothole is only officially a pothole once it’s 1.5 inches deep.
  • If the authorities were given the budget to repair potholes, it would still take them 11 years to catch up on all the repairs.
  • UK road maintenance is currently under-funded by 50%.
  • The average UK motorist encounters 10 potholes per day.
  • The average road in England is only resurfaced every 65 years. In Wales it is every 81 years.