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Brits prepare for Jubilee celebrations, but could risk paying out on unprotected possessions

That’s as 71% of Brits plan on doing some type of activity over the 4-day weekend

Published on 31st May 2022
  • A quarter (25%) of Brits say they plan to host friends and family over the bank holiday, with BBQ’s (17%) and house parties (11%) also among plans.
  • While celebrations plan to be in good spirits, data reveals that sometimes our personal possessions can take quite the beating during social occasions.
  • Street parties are proven the most expensive, with breakages and damages costing £131 to fix, on average
  • More than 1 in 5 (21%) people admitted to hiding possessions away before social occasions to limit the risk of breaks/damage
  • Confused.com outlines how accidental damage insurance could protect valuables over the celebratory weekend

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend is nearly here and that means a hugely anticipated 4-day weekend for millions of Brits across the UK. However, new research by Confused.com shows that the celebrations might be a bit pricier than you might first think.

In a recent survey conducted by Confused.com, 2,000 UK adults were asked what their plans were for the Jubilee bank holiday weekend. More than 7 in 10 (71%) people said that they plan to do something, with a quarter (25%) of people telling Confused.com that they plan on hosting friends and/or family. 1 in 6 (17%) said they were hosting a BBQ and more than 1 in 8 (13%) said that they were hosting a garden party. More than 1 in 10 (11%) said they’re planning to take the party inside and host their own house party.

For those who prefer to shy away from hosting and be a royal guest instead, 1 in 7 (14%) will attend a garden party and 1 in 8 (12%) will be going to a house party. And of course, in true British style, more than 1 in 8 (13%) are planning to attend a street party on the road that they live on.

Although accidents are often just that, there’s always the risk that they can happen and the data gathered by Confused.com shows that the results can sometimes be pricey.

For those who have hosted street parties in the past, data showed that the most common items to be broken or damaged as a result were:

  • A music/sound system (29%)
  • A computer/laptop/tablet (24%)
  • A television (20%)
  • A mobile phone (20%)

More than half of respondents (53%) said this was a result of someone being under the influence of alcohol and the damage cost £131 to fix, on average.

For those who have hosted or attended either a garden or house party in the past, the results were not too dissimilar. Results showed that the most common items to be broken or damaged were:

  • A music/sound system (17%)
  • A computer/laptop/tablet (14%)
  • A mobile phone (14%)
  • A piece of jewellery and/or watch (12%)

More than a third of respondents (34%) said that the damages were a result of a genuine accident / mishap, with the damage costing around £122 to fix, on average.

And it's evident that some Brits are conscious of any additional expenditure when it comes to social gatherings, with more than one in 5 (21%) saying that they have hidden/locked personal possessions from view so that they were less likely to be broken, damaged or stolen. And more than half (53%) of people polled in the survey said that they either ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ that possessions which are broken, damaged or stolen during bank holiday celebrations are usually the result of drunken behaviour.

With the rising costs of living continuing to affect millions across the UK, Brits are urged to consider extra protection, such as accidental damage insurance. This follows almost two in 5 (38%) people telling Confused.com that rising costs will mean that they're cautious of their spending this bank holiday.

Confused.com home insurance expert, Jessica Willock, said: "It's clear from our latest research that many people are looking forward to their Jubilee celebrations and bank holiday plans, but the thought of rising living costs remains a worry for many.

Accidental damage insurance can protect you from just that – accidents. It can be part of your contents insurance, buildings insurance or both. It’ll even cover any accidents caused by your family and friends, as long as you can prove it was unintentional. If you already have contents or buildings insurance, check your policy over with your insurer. If you don't have any, but you’re hoping to host over the Jubilee weekend, it’s always worth considering. That way, if the worst does happen, you should be able to claim for any additional costs that may have been incurred.

If you're unsure ahead of the Jubilee bank holiday, our guide on accidental damage insurance can advise on why it’s important to protect both your personal possessions and finances.”


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