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More than 9 million UK drivers have been caught speeding in the last 5 years
30 May 2024
And 2.1 million of those were caught in 2023 - the highest for offences since 2019

Revealed: Harry Potter filming locations are the most popular UK places to visit
14 May 2024
2 in 5 (44%) people say they’ve explored some of the most iconic settings used for filming in Scotland and London

Be Swift with your travel plans this summer
22 April 2024
Getting away for the Eras Tour? Don’t be the Anti-Hero, read this before you go…

Car insurance prices up almost £300 in 12 months, but drivers offered some respite to start the year
18 April 2024
The average cost of car insurance is now £941, after increasing by £284 (43%) in the past 12 months

Very Egg-spensive: unsupervised pets have left owners paying hundreds of pounds for treatmentVery Egg-spensive: unsupervised pets have left owners paying hundreds of pounds for treatment
27 March 2024
Owners are being urged to watch their pets this Easter. That’s as a trip to the vets for eating something toxic has cost a combined £635 for owners, on average.

Britain’s roads in the pitts: Almost 1 million(1) potholes reported in 2023, but drivers still struggle with compensation payouts
3 April 2024
Pothole reports are up by 24% since 2020, but council payouts are down 13% over the same time frame, new data reveals

Extreme weather drives storm damage claims up by 167% in 4 years
28 February 2024
More than 23,000 insurance claims were made in 2022, in comparison to the 8,724 made in 2019(1), new data reveals

Close to 131,000 motorists caught driving without insurance in 3 years, new data reveals
22 February 2024
This totals almost £400,000 that offenders have paid in fines, these drivers also face hefty bills if they are involved in an accident

Cost of car insurance reaches almost £1,000, the highest price on record in the UK
16 January 2023
However, in comparison to previous quarters, prices increased by 8% (£71) - the lowest increase in 9 months - offering some brief respite to drivers


Not very festive! Deliveries at Christmas worse than any other time of year
14 December 2023
New research reveals how around 1 in 5 (19%) UK adults say they’ve been let down at Christmas when it comes to their online orders

More than 10,000 drivers were arrested last year for drink driving during the festive season(1)
29 November 2023
New data reveals how London, Northern Ireland and West Yorkshire were some of the worst offending areas

The average student has almost £5,000 worth of possessions with them at university
15 November 2023
New research shows how this value is around 23% higher in comparison to students who’ve attended university since 2012.

One in 5 (21%) UK adults admit they'd move jobs if their flexibility changed
13 October 2023
New research reveals how Brits continue to adapt post-pandemic work routines to juggle cost of living pressures and better their work/life balance

Cost of car insurance breaks records once again as average price reaches £924
13 October 2023
New research reveals how landlords have whacked up prices to cover for additional cleaning fees, deposits or bonds

Parents and pet owners pay up to £460 more on top of rent and bills than other renters
4 October 2023

New data reveals how prices have soared by £338 (58%) in just 12 months

Two in 5 (40%) dog owners admit to leaving a dog in a hot car
4 September 2023

Beloved pets have been left for almost 13 minutes, on average, where temperatures could become fatal

More animals killed on the M5 than on any other road
2 August 2023

Almost 6,000 roadkills have been reported across England, Scotland and Wales since 2022

Motorists urged to stay off the road as more than 16,000 drink-drive arrests were made last summer
25 July 2023

The Met Police, Northern Ireland, and Avon and Somerset Police recorded some of highest figures between May and September 2022

Record-breaking increases puts car insurance at third highest household bill in the UK
16 July 2023

The average cost of car insurance is now £776, after increasing by £119 (18%) in the past 3 months alone

Millions of households across the UK could be left at financial risk
28 June 2023

New data reveals how 1 in 4 (25%) Brits admit to having little or no home insurance

Hay fever allergy reported as cause of accidents in the UK
13 June 2023

More than 2 in 3 (68%) UK drivers said their hay fever has impacted their driving. And almost 1 in 5 (17%) said they were caught in an accident or near miss, research reveals.

29.1 million(1) uncaught drivers could be at risk of driving fines
10 April 2023

Research finds 7 in 10 (70%) UK drivers admit to motoring offences for which they haven’t been caught

SORN applications spike 77% in 4 months as 2.7 million cars are declared off road in 2022(1)
21 March 2023

The DVLA saw 297,770 Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) applications last October alone 

Over 16,000 UK drivers caught using a mobile phone or device in 2022, despite new driving laws
9 March 2023

The penalty for being caught might have tightened, but new research reveals a staggering £3.3m was issued in fines throughout 2022 

Car insurance prices at 3-year high following £100 increase
25 January 2023

However, motorists renewing this past quarter report savings amid cost of living crisis

Are New Year's resolutions dead?
16 January 2023

Less than 1 in 10 (7%) Brits are doing Dry January this year


January among worst month for drink-driving offences in 2022
28 December 2022

With that in mind, drivers are being urged to avoid drink-driving after New Year's celebrations this coming weekend

Christmas on a budget for millions of Brits this winter
21 December 2022

New research reveals that almost 4 in 5 (78%) are changing how they shop for Christmas due to the cost of living crisis

Car insurance premiums up 14% with the biggest annual increase in 5 years
20 October 2022

UK drivers are now paying £586 for their car insurance, on average

One in 3 parent and child parking bays misused, investigation reveals
22 Septmber 2022

More than half (57%) of UK drivers have witnessed someone without children parking in a parent and child bay, with supermarkets the worst place for offences

Steepest increase in car insurance prices reported since COVID-19 crisis
21 July 2022

The average cost of car insurance has reached its highest in almost 2 years amid the cost of living crisis

Millions of Brits turn to second hand sites as cost of living crisis worsens
4 July 2022

Almost half (43%) of UK adults are buying second-hand due to the rising cost of living

Number of adults living with parents up 20% in 10 years
10 June 2022

Young adults blame the cost of moving out as the main reason for still living at home

Brits prepare for Jubilee celebrations, but could risk paying out on unprotected possessions
31 May 2022

That's as 71% of Brits plan on doing some type of activity over the 4-day weekend

Car insurance costs on the rise despite FCA pricing changes
21 April 2022

The cost of car insurance has increased for the first time in 18 months – and loyal customers could be paying even more if they choose to auto-renew, data shows

Motorists face £5,000 fine for risking pet's safety when behind the wheel
13 April 2022

More than a third (36%) of owners admit to not using pet restraints when driving, putting them at risk of a hefty fine

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