Static caravan insurance

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What is static caravan insurance?

Static caravan insurance is specifically tailored to protect your static caravan. This includes loss or damage that could result from bad weather, flood, fire, theft or vandalism. Many static caravan policies include cover for your caravan’s contents as well as the caravan’s structure.

A static caravan is designed to be fixed in one place. They’re quite different from touring caravans, which you can tow around with your car.

Do I need static caravan insurance?

Static caravan insurance isn’t a legal requirement. But you might be taking a major financial risk by not having caravan insurance in place. Static caravans can be worth tens of thousands of pounds, and that’s without even considering the value of the contents.

In any case, some caravan parks will require you to have caravan insurance in place to keep your caravan on their site.

What does static caravan insurance cover?

Static caravan insurance comes with standard benefits included, plus optional add-ons you can select at extra cost. What’s covered by static caravan insurance varies from insurer to insurer, so you should always check the policy wording.

Static caravan insurance usually covers:

  • Damage caused by fire, flood or bad weather
  • Public liability cover for third-party claims made against you about your caravan
  • Theft, loss or damage to the caravan or its contents
  • Malicious damage caused by vandals
  • Accidental damage to the caravan’s structure or contents

Optional cover with static caravan insurance can include:

  • Key cover to protect your keys if they’re lost, stolen or damaged
  • Legal assistance cover for any uninsured losses due to an accident that’s not your fault
  • Homecare emergencies, covering emergency call-outs for tradesmen to fix things like drainage or plumbing issues
  • Renting, so your caravan will be covered if you rent it out

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What isn't included in static caravan insurance?

Not everything will be covered by your insurance policy, so make sure you find out exactly what is and isn’t. Static caravan insurance doesn't usually cover:

  • Damage caused by wear and tear
  • Using your static caravan as your main home
  • Theft through lack of security, such as leaving your caravan unlocked
  • Damage caused by insect or vermin infestation

How much is static caravan insurance?

51% of our customers paid less than £140* for static caravan insurance.

The overall price of your static caravan insurance can vary depending on:

  • Its value. The more it's worth, the higher the cost.
  • Where it's kept. If it's kept in a poorly secured area, your insurance could cost more.
  • The contents value. The more valuable the items that your contents insurance covers, the more expensive your insurance will be.
  • Your claims history. Building up a no-claims bonus on caravan insurance will lower your costs.
  • How you pay. Paying for your static caravan insurance annually is usually cheaper than paying in monthly instalments.
  • Security features. Fitting an alarm or camera to your caravan can reduce the risk of theft, meaning cheaper insurance.
  • Optional extras. The more you add, the higher your costs could be.

Shop around and compare quotes for static caravan insurance to find a policy that's right for you and not just the cheapest option.

*Based on data of purchased policies August 2022. 51% of customers paid £140.73 or less

What are the different types of static caravan insurance?

There are two main types of static caravan insurance to choose from:

New for old covers theft and damage beyond economical repair. You can get a brand new caravan as a replacement.

Market value is a lower level of cover. The most you can get if your caravan is stolen or beyond economical repair is its market value at the time of the incident.

What our caravan insurance expert says

Insuring your static caravan gives you peace of mind against any damage that holiday renters could cause, such as break-ins and vandalism that could happen when it’s not in use.

It might be easy to overlook the need for static caravan insurance. But comparing insurance quotes from our panel could save you a lot of money on any loss or damages in the future.

Need more help?

Can I still get a quote if my caravan site has a history of flooding?

Some insurers may exclude cover if the caravan site is in an area that’s at high risk of flooding. You should check the policy wording and if you’re still not completely sure, contact the insurer.

What do I need to get a static caravan insurance quote?

To get static caravan insurance with, you'll need to tell us about you, your caravan and the level of cover you want:

Caravan details

  • The size, make and model
  • When you bought it
  • What you’ll use it for
  • How the caravan's fixed in place
  • Security features in use
  • Its condition
  • Where it’s kept and the level of security there
  • If the caravan site has a history of flooding

Your details

  • Name, address, age and occupation
  • Details of any no claims bonus on caravan and/or household insurance you’ve built up

Your cover

  • The type of cover you need – Market Value or New for Old static caravan insurance
  • How much voluntary excess you want to pay
  • If you’ll be paying annually or in monthly instalments
  • Any optional extras you want to include

What’s the difference between touring caravan and static caravan insurance?

Static caravans are fixed in one place, so static caravan insurance tends to be a lot more like home insurance. Touring caravans are designed to give you the freedom to move around. Touring caravan insurance also protects your caravan when it’s being towed.

Will static caravan insurance cover voids if I’m renting it out?

Static caravan insurance won’t cover lost rental income during void periods. But you can still get cover for your static caravan if you intend to rent it out, provided you tell the insurer when you buy the policy.

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