Morning after calculator

Work out your blood-alcohol content, and get a rough idea of when it'll leave your system.

The morning after calculator should not be used in place of sensible caution. If you're drinking, don't drive. If you're driving, don't drink.

With the sunny weather hitting the UK this summer, it’s all the more tempting to stay out for that extra drink. But did you know it takes around an hour for a single unit of alcohol to leave your system?

So how do you work it out if you're over the limit? And what about the next day when you’re still feeling delicate?

Our morning after calculator will give you a rough idea. Just enter your sex and weight, along with how much you've drunk and we'll do the rest. If you’re hungover the calculator can also estimate when the alcohol will be out of your system. 

No blood alcohol calculator is 100% accurate, as there are a number of factors that impact how your body processes alcohol. This tool should be used for reference purposes only, and shouldn't be used to determine whether you're fit to drive. If in doubt, do not drive.

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