Morning after calculator

Confused about drink-driving limits? Use our calculator to work out your blood alcohol content.

Please don't use the morning after calculator in the place of sensible caution. If you're drinking, don't drive. If you're driving, don't drink.

No blood alcohol calculator is 100% accurate, as a number of factors will affect how your body processes alcohol. Use the tool for reference purposes only, You shouldn't use it to determine whether you're fit to drive. We can't emphasise this enough, if in doubt, do not drive.

Alcohol units calculator

Alcohol unit calculator

The safest bet is to not drive if you've had any alcohol, but you can work out how many units are in your drinks here.
Pound coin path

Drink-driving law explained

Get clued up on the law before you decide to have that cheeky beer after work.
Car insurance calculator

Car insurance price calculator

Find out the average price for car insurance for your age, sex and area. Try our car insurance price calculator.