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Tyres: Frequently asked questions


Do you have questions about ordering tyres through Or if you've placed an order with us but are unsure of how it works from here - you've come to the right place!

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Ordering your tyres

Q: Why buy tyres from

A: We work with Boco Tyres to offer great prices on a wide range of tyres for your vehicle. We understand that each person’s demands for tyres can be different, so the price you are shown is the price you will pay. This includes tyres, valves, fitting, balancing, old tyre... The works!

Q: How do I order from

A: Ordering your tyres couldn’t be easier. Enter your number plate or tyre size and we'll show you a list of the tyres available.

Then simply choose the ones you want, select your local fitting station and your preferred fitting time.

Q: The site can't find my postcode - what should I do?

A: Entering your postcode on our page should direct you to your nearest fitting station. If this doesn’t work, try entering only the first part of your postcode, eg DL9 instead of DL9 OLG.

Q: I've placed my order - what happens next?

A:  You'll receive a confirmation email. This'll detail what you've ordered, the location, date and time of your tyre fitting.

Your tyres will be dispatched to your chosen fitting station, usually on the same day.

If you tell us your mobile number, we can also drop you a text to confirm.

Q: I haven't received my confirmation email

A: It could be that the email has landed in your spam folder. If this is the case, you can add to your approved email contacts.

If you haven’t received the email, get in touch with and we'll resend it.

Q: I've ordered the wrong tyre size

A: There's no charge for incorrect orders - just email as soon as possible.

When emailing, give the details of your current order and the changes you'd like to make and we'll sort the rest out.

Depending on when you inform us, we may have to change your fitting date or time.

Q: Can I track my order?

A: Your tyres are guaranteed to be at your fitting station in time for your appointment, so you don’t need to worry about tracking the location of your tyres.

But if you do wish to check the status of an order, simply email

Q: Adverse weather

A: We'll always get in touch in the rare event that the weather has prohibited your tyres being delivered. If you're experiencing bad weather in your area, you can get in touch with us on or with your fitting centre to confirm your appointment before you travel.

Pricing and payment

Q: What does the price I pay include?

A: The price you pay covers everything: new tyres, old tyre disposal, valves and wheel balancing. And you only pay once your new tyres have been fitted.

Q: How do I pay?

A:  Payment is taken at your chosen fitting station. They should accept cash, debit or credit card.

Q: Is there a fee for casing disposal?

A: No. The price you pay includes the disposal of your old tyres and casings. And these are disposed of responsibly with government-registered companies.

Q: Can you arrange a puncture repair?

A: Puncture repair isn’t a service which we can provide. A local garage will be able to advise and potentially repair the puncture for you.

Q: Can you arrange laser wheel alignment?

A: Certain members of our fitting station network offer laser wheel alignment. Our relationship with these fitters means we can provide this service at an excellent rate.

Q: Why do you need my contact details?

A: In providing contact details, you're able to receive your order confirmation via email and text message. A contact number is also helpful if we need to get in touch with you about your order.

Tyre fitting

Q: Where is my nearest fitter?

A: Once you've selected your tyres, you'll enter your postcode and be presented with a list of tyre fitting stations local to you.

If you are away from home, or at work, simply enter a local postcode to be presented with different options.

Q: Will my tyres be fitted by mechanics?

A: In some cases, yes, but this isn’t necessarily true in all instances. All of our fitters have been carefully selected and are regularly audited. You won’t come across a technician who isn’t qualified to City & Guilds standards.

Q: Will tyre fitting cost me any extra?

A: You won’t find any hidden extras in our prices. The price you are shown includes tyres, valves, balancing, fitting and old tyre disposal.

Q: Can I change my fitting time?

A: Yes. To change your fitting time simply email and a member of the team will sort it out for you. When you email, include some of your order details and a contact telephone number.

Q: Do I need to call the garage ahead of my fitting?

A: No, we take care of everything. Your fitting station will receive instructions from us and will have booked your appointment in.

If however, you need to alter your fitting time, get in touch with to rearrange.

Q: What do I need to take to my fitting appointment?

A: The only thing you need to take is your order reference number, which is on your confirmation email.

Q: Will I need to sign anything?

A: No, there are no forms for you to sign at any point.

Q: Will I receive any paperwork from the garage

A: Once your tyres have been fitted, you'll receive an invoice and a payment receipt. Your guarantee and tyre labels will also be included.

Q: What happens to my old tyre(s)?

A: Your tyres will be disposed responsibly through government-approved disposal companies.

Q: Can my tyres be fitted at home?

A: Unfortunately, we don't offer a home fitting service at the moment. But you can book an appointment at a fitting station which is in your area, at a time convenient to you.

Q: How long will fitting take?

A: This will vary based on your vehicle type, number of tyres and the type of tyres. The technician will be able to advise you when you arrive at the fitting station. A rough timescale would be 30 – 60 minutes.

Product information

Q: Will I receive a guarantee with my tyres?

A: A 12-month or 12,000-mile guarantee will be provided to all customers by the fitting station.

This guarantee covers fault or issues that arise from fitting.It doesn't cover any damage from accidents, incidents or wear and tear.

Q: What does the warranty include?

A:  All our customers will receive a 12-month/12,000-mile workmanship and product guarantee.

This guarantee is provided by the fitting station and covers issues caused by the fitting.

Not damage incurred from wear & tear, accidental or malicious damage.

Q: Are your Tyres brand new?

A: All tyres bought through are brand new.

Tyres can be classified as brand new if they've been stored in the right conditions for up to three years.Our tyres are generally less than 18 months old.

You can see the age of your tyres on a tyres sidewall. It's marked with a dot number, for example 0209 = week 2 of year 2009.

Contact information

Q: How can I contact tyres?

A: Phone number:  0800 6520 761

General contact:

Returns and refunds

Q: Can I make changes to my order?

A: Making changes to your order is easy, just drop an email to with the changes you want to make, and we'll do the rest.

There's no charge for incorrect orders, so if you have ordered the wrong size, don’t worry.

Q: Can I cancel an order?

A: To cancel your order email with your order reference number.

You won't be charged. If any part of our service has caused you to cancel, let us know and we'll endeavour to put it right.

Q: I'm not happy with my order - what should I do?

A: If you're unhappy with your purchase, speak to your fitting station directly to organise a like-for-like replacement.

If we can help with anything else, get in touch on

Tyre terms explained


A 4x4 is a vehicle with off-road capabilities; We offer a large range of 4x4 tyres. Enter your registration to see the options.


When you see RE on a tyres sidewall, it means that the tyre is reinforced. These tyres can usually be found on light vans, people carriers and sometimes 4x4’s and estate cars.


6PR or 6-ply tyres are constructed with reinforcement known as ply. These tyres are widely deployed on light commercial vehicles.


8PR or 8-ply tyres are heavily constructed with reinforcement known as ply.

This is another option for light commercial vehicles. Normally, the average for most cars is 4 ply.


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