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Stag weekend survival kit

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So what exactly do you need to survive on a stag weekend apart from an iron stomach?

Usually people are so busy trying to think of the best stag do ideas that they inevitably forget to pack anything that will be of use to them.

Fortunately for those people, Lee from the Stag Company is here to detail his Stag Weekend Survival Kit. So without further ado let’s see what’s in that suitcase.

Phone, charger AND adapter

First and foremost you’ll need your phone. Be sure to take your charger AND an adaptor, depending on where you’re travelling to.

If you forget and have to buy these at the airport you will pay far more than you will if you make sure you pack them beforehand.

Your phone will be an integral part of your weekend.

It’s invaluable for directions, viewing your itinerary, taking photos and videos and, of course, keeping track of everyone on the stag do with you. So it’s essential you keep it charged at all times.

Print outs of important information

In the age of smartphones, the stag weekend is one of the only instances where you’ll need hard copies of your itinerary, booking confirmations and the phone numbers of everyone in your group.

This way, should any of you get lost or lose your mobile phone, you should be able to get in touch with someone from your group, or at least the local hospital.

Spare money

By taking some extra traveller’s cheques and keeping them in a safe place in case they’re needed, you’ll be preparing for almost anything.

Just make sure everyone knows that this is emergency money, and by emergency you don’t mean final night beer fund. You might want to keep them under lock and key.

An extra mobile phone

This one is especially important if you’re prone to losing your belongings and you’re heading overseas.

If there is one place you really don’t want to lose your mobile it is an unfamiliar foreign country.

Pay-as-you-go phones are inexpensive now and so you should really consider buying a backup mobile if you’re worried you may lose yours.

Hangover ‘cures’

Basically, anything that you think will assist with your hangovers throughout the weekend.

Some people prefer the hair of the dog, and these people are crazy.

Alka-Seltzer and Berocca are popular choices amongst my friends. They help a little bit at least.

Wet wipes

Continuing with the hangover part of the weekend, which everybody will experience at some point, we recommend wet wipes.

You may laugh but let me assure you, when a man is so hungover he can’t get out of bed, a wet wipe becomes a shower in a tissue.

Not only that, it becomes a godsend and one that will assist in making said man feel a bit more human.

Extra underwear

I’ve always been told to pack an extra pair of pants whenever I go anywhere.

I would always ask my mother why and she would always tell me, “You never know when you’ll need a pair.” Fair enough.

To this day I still do this as well, and you should too, especially on a stag do.

Lee works for the Stag Company, which has been sending stag groups on trips throughout the UK and Europe for almost 10 years. Lee is recently engaged and is already planning his own stag do.

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