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What does car warranty cover?

A car warranty (also called mechanical breakdown insurance) is a type of insurance policy that protects you from the cost of fixing certain mechanical problems and electrical faults

At their most simplistic, car warranty policies will cover basic issues to do with the engine and transmission system. However, warranties can be made as comprehensive as you like - with the premiums paid adjusted according to the amount of cover you get.

We don't compare car warranties, but we’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s leading providers of used car warranties. Warranty Direct supply warranties for new, used, performance and prestige vehicles.

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Warranty Direct offer three levels of cover:

  • ExtraCare - the most comprehensive policy - provides cover for most areas of the car. 
  • SecureCare covers a lot of areas, but excludes air conditioning and suspension.
  • MajorCare cover for specific components only - including the engine, gearbox and transmission.

Do you have a vehicle that's at – or approaching – its manufacturer warranty? Or perhaps an even older one? An extended car warranty could be a very sensible precaution against unexpected and potentially expensive repair bills.

The nature of these policies varies, but they generally provide cover for 12 months – with options to extend it even further.

How car warranty works

Your car must be less than 12 years old and have clocked no more than 120,000 miles in order to get a warranty. To start, enter your number plate or the make and model of your car. Then you’ll be asked to provide some personal information before getting your quote.

The policy will cover repairs to be carried out in either an independent garage or a franchised dealer – you decide before buying the policy. Note that using an unauthorised garage for any repairs may invalidate your policy. 

Should I get an extended car warranty?

Most new cars come with a manufacturer’s warranty as standard, but you may wish to consider extending your car warranty for extra precaution. 

Some cars are expensive to repair, therefore it makes sense to protect yourself from unexpected costs.

Some things to consider before taking out car warranty:

  • What's your car's value and the average cost of repairs?
  • Do you own a car that is likely to suffer expensive breakdowns?
  • How frequently might your car break down?

Premiums will vary depending on the length of the policy, and are based on:

  • the type of the car
  • the size of the engine
  • your annual mileage

What does van warranty cover?

Van warranty cover acts as a type of insurance policy, it is a precautionary measure that covers costs in the event of a breakdown due to mechanical fault.

It also covers the costs of fixing certain mechanical problems and repair bills. Van warranty policies offer cover for vans up to 12 years old with less than 120,000 miles on the clock. 

What does motorbike warranty cover?

A motorbike warranty covers parts and labour costs accumulated due to mechanical and electrical failure.

Warranty Direct policies provides cover for a 12-month period on bikes that are up to 10 years old with 60,000 miles or less on the clock.  

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