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Pet insurance news

Warning after disease kills 16 dogs

  •  23 Jan, 2014
Two dogs looking up

Veterinary experts have warned pet owners to be on the lookout for symptoms of a disease which has killed 16 dogs in the past year.

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Dog walkers warned about rancid fat

  •  21 Nov, 2013
Veterinarian patting dog

Pet owners are being warned about globules of rancid fat washed up on beaches after a dog had to be put to sleep after eating some.

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Warning over internet pet adverts

  •  04 Sep, 2013

Animal welfare campaigners the Pet Advertising Advisory Group has set out new guidelines to protect pets advertised online.

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Pet lovers sacrificing holidays

  •  03 May, 2013

Tens of thousands of pet-loving Brits have not holidayed abroad for years because of their animals, new research has found.

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Owners 'to treat pampered pets'

  •  26 Nov, 2012

Christmas is a time for giving, and it appears this tradition extends to pets in a very big way.

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Firemen 'not for pet emergencies'

  •  10 Jul, 2012

Cat stuck up a tree? Reptile on the roof? Hamster trapped in a lift? Please don't call us first, the London Fire Brigade requests.

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Dogs honoured for acts of bravery

  •  22 May, 2012

A life-saving terrier cross has been honoured at an awards ceremony for heroic dogs.

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Couples get 'peternal' practice

  •  26 Mar, 2012

Nearly one half of couples buy a pet before they start a family, a study has found.

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New 'stop puppy farming' campaign

  •  28 Feb, 2012
The Kennel Club has launched a new "stop puppy farming" campaign after it emerged that more than a third of dog owners might be buying pets from a puppy farmer.  Read More…

Pets enjoy Christmas dinners

  •  30 Dec, 2011

Research suggests that many pet owners will have plated up some Christmas dinner for their beloved animals this year.

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