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Stephen Jones

Cheap skiing hotspots for winter 2011

A family skiing

The cost of skiing in Switzerland has soared as the pound has struggled against the Swiss Franc. So where can you now get the most for your money this winter?

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Halifax savings lottery: How does it stack up?

Man and child saving pennies

Halifax is launching a free lottery scheme for savers, with monthly prizes of up to £100,000 available. But how do the rewards stack up against Premium Bonds? We take a closer look.

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Renters: Know your rights author Stephen Jones

After suffering damp problems with a new rental property,'s Stephen Jones wanted to know his rights. Here's what he found out...

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How to use cashback to cover your phone bills

A HTC desire mobile phone

How to get a top cashback deal on your mobile and the loopholes to look out for.

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Child benefit: Just tell it to me straight author Stephen Jones

After a week of hyperbolic press coverage,’s Stephen Jones cuts through the controversy and asks, ‘exactly how fair is the Child Benefit cut?

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Seven must-have caravan gadgets

Caravan near the sea shore

We pick out some gizmos you won’t want to be without on your next trip...

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How choosing the wrong IFA could damage your savings

Money savings

As more and more IFAs fall into trouble, we help you dodge the pitfalls...

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Are you getting all the petrol you pay for? author Stephen Jones

Petrol retailers are required by law to ensure a relatively small margin of error at the pump, but some drivers may find they get significantly less than they paid for.

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Goldtrail collapse: What you need to know

Grounded plane

We let you know the rights of affected customers are when a travel company goes bust...

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Is a graduate tax a good idea? author Stephen Jones

As business secretary Vince Cable announces potential changes to the way university is paid for,’s Stephen Jones asks whether the changes will work and, more importantly, if they’re fair.

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Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones was a reporter for between 2009 and 2010, writing personal finance news and blogs. He has since moved on to MSN Money but continues to write for

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