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Vanta Claus

Vanta Claus infographic teaser

With the world population now at an estimated 7.1 billion, could a modern-day van do a better job than Santa's sleigh and reindeer?

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UK credit rating hotspots

UK credit rating hotspots
The subject of credit and how people's credit ratings can be affected can be a confusing issue to many. has put together a map of the UK showing how people's average credit ratings vary between regions.  Read More…

The cost of 221B Baker Street

The cost of 221B Baker street teaser

Sherlock Holmes has a swish London lifestyle, but how much does it cost to live in 221B Baker Street? This infographic looks at the cost of being Sherlock.

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Understanding the no-claims bonus

Understanding the no-claims bonus

A no-claims bonus is official recognition of your safe driving record from your insurer. We explain how it all works in our handy infographic.

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The UK's best & worst drivers

UK best and worst drivers small teaser image

An app that can prove you're a good driver? MotorMate by does just that! We’ve used the data to identify the best and worst drivers in the UK.

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Home is where the art is

Home is where the art is

It's official: Brits are a nation of art connoisseurs! 58% of us now own a piece of art, and nearly half (48%) of art owners wouldn't purchase mass produced 'Ikea style' pieces.  Read More…

The UK's smoking hotspots

UK smoking hotspots teaser small

See where across the country smokers are failing to kick the habit with's UK smoking hotspots map.

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The learner driver's guide to road and traffic signs

Guide to road signs

The most difficult part of the driving theory test is understanding the range of road and traffic signs. Our handy guide will help you to ace this part of the test using some useful tricks.

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A beginner's guide to Bitcoins

A beginners guide to bitcoins

Although Bitcoins have been around since 2009, the hype and fascination over the unregulated virtual currency has increased rapidly. Confused about the Bitcoin? Let’s take a closer look at the cryptocurrency.

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Classic cars for younger drivers

Classic cars for younger drivers teaser

Car insurance for 17-year-olds isn’t cheap, with an annual comprehensive policy costing more than £3,500 on average, according to data. But opting for a classic car can be a very effective way to keep car insurance costs down.

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