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Hugh Currell

The more you earn the better you sleep

Couple sleeping in bed

Higher earners sleep better and also share the same bed as their partner more often, according to new research.

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Facebook use affects sense of well-being

Facebook front page

Using Facebook can reduce young adults’ sense of well-being and satisfaction with their lives, a new study has found.

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Only 20% of children eat 'five-a-day'

Pupils eating school dinner

Fewer than 20 per cent of children aged five to 15 years eat the recommended five portions of fruit or vegetables a day, according to new research.

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Testicular cancer survival rates hit 96%

A dcotor with a clipboard

Nearly all men survive testicular cancer in the UK with 96 per cent of those who develop the disease beating it, according to Cancer Research UK.

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‘Huge leap’ towards curing blindness

A medical researcher

Reversing blindness has become a real possibility, according to scientists in the UK.

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Happy people less likely to have a heart attack

Senior couple relaxing in hammock

Being happy and having a positive outlook can help reduce your risk of heart problems, new research suggests.

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Cancer survival rates show success of NHS

UK nurse holding clipboard

As the NHS celebrates its 65th anniversary, new figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show incidences of cancer have risen but survival rates continue to improve.

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Exercise quantity not frequency matters

People using exercise bikes in a gym

Adults who do 150 minutes exercise over one or two days get as much health benefit as those who exercise more frequently.

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Scientists edge closer to cancer cure by preventing spread

A medical researcher

Cancer research took another step towards finding a cure as scientists uncovered how the disease spreads through the body.

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Two-thirds risk cooking unsafe food

making dinner for one

Consumers who judge the freshness of their food using the "sniff test" could be putting themselves in danger, a new survey shows.

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Hugh Currell

Hugh Currell

Hugh Currell covers health-related news and features for Hugh graduated in journalism and was the editor of a current affairs magazine for a year.

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