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The workplace pension changes that affect you

Older couple in the pool

All employers are being made to offer a pension. Find out more...

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Road rage: your car insurance rights

Angry male driver

We explain how your motor policy works if you’re involved in a road rage incident.

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Should I take out breakdown cover? logo on the laptop screen

My car insurer wants me to take out breakdown cover as well as my motor policy. Is this a good idea?

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Why did I pay twice the excess I was expecting to? logo on the laptop screen

Another of your car cover questions is answered by Will Thomas.

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Can I add a named driver temporarily? logo on the laptop screen

I’d like to add my 20-year-old son to my car insurance policy when he comes home from college at Christmas and Easter etc. Will any companies allow me to do this, or will I have to list him as a named driver for the whole year?

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I had an accident in a hire car on holiday - need I tell my insurer? logo on the laptop screen

I had a minor accident in my hire car when I was on holiday. I am still disputing who was to blame, but what I want to know is should I tell my UK car insurer when my renewal is due next month?

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Car repair scams to watch out for

A car engine being maintained

Most mechanics aren’t in the business of ripping drivers off but it seems a lot of motorists think they are. We show you some scams to be aware of.

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My insurer won't pay what my car's worth following a write-off. logo on the laptop screen

My car has been written off after being involved in an accident but my insurer is refusing to pay the amount I covered it for on the application policy. What are my rights?

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An accident wasn't my fault: How much can I claim? logo on the laptop screen

My car has been involved in an accident which was someone else’s fault, and I’m worried it might be a write-off. How much am I likely to get for it?

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Can I do my own repairs and bill the insurance provider after? logo on the laptop screen

My insurer is being slow in dealing with my claim, and my car needs repairing. Can I get the work done and bill my provider?

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