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Review your insurances now autumn is knocking

Female with Money

Official British Summertime doesn’t end until 31 October but, for most of us, the recent nip in the air is the real indicator that summer is now over.

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Your car accident checklist

Car accident

If you’re involved in a smash, follow this guide to speed up your car insurance claim.

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SVR -v- Fixed rate mortgages – Is it time to switch?

House with a pound coin garden path

If you’re currently better off thanks to your mortgage provider’s low standard variable rate (SVR), you probably won’t be considering a switch to a new mortgage deal.

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Top Household Money-Saving Tips for Students

Close up shot of coins flowing from a tap

We’ve got some tips to help students get the best out of their home insurance, reduce their energy bills, get great value broadband, know their tenancy rights and become cordon bleu chefs – all rolled into one!

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The courtesy car insurance trap - A response logo in a laptop screen

Not so long ago, we warned about the hire car trap drivers should be aware of after suffering a breakdown or accident. Now one industry expert tells his side of the story, and offers some tips to prevent you from getting stung..

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How to build your own eco-home

Concept of an ecological home

A few pointers to how self-builders can make new properties greener...

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Debit cards or credit cards abroad: Which is best? logo on the laptop screen

I probably shouldn’t mention names, so let’s just say that the name rhymes with Shmalifax.

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Static caravan insurance: a guide

Guide icon for static caravan insurance
Compare static caravan insurance at We use a range of providers for comparison, in order to find the cover that best suits you.  Read More…

Your guide to renewable energy

a lightbulb made out of a plant

We've teamed up with Home Building & Renovating Magazine to look at the alternative energy sources available to UK households.

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Ten financial products you may be better off without logo on the laptop screen

Anyone who has read this blog on more than one occasion will realise that I do like a moan. So when I came across a press release from Which?

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