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Driving tips: Etiquette rules for back-seat drivers

Driver being annoyed by his passenger
According to exclusive research from, back-seat driving is UK motorists' number one pet hate, with our partners proving to be the worst offenders.  Read More…

House of horrors: Do you share too much online?

Horror video teaser

Do you share too much personal information on social networking sites? Find out in's House of Horrors.

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How you can change a child’s life with a credit card

NSPCC logo

Confused .com is donating £5 to children’s charity the NSPCC for every credit card taken out through our website in April.

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Death in hospital: What to expect

A doctor and a patient

If your next of kin dies in hospital or a care home, here are the procedures you can expect to undergo.

  Read More… news show with Nick and Ellie

Nick Ellie darth mask
Welcome to the first ever show. Our reporters will be hitting the streets of the UK bringing you stories you will love. Watch our first show to see what Darth Vader, Patrick Monahan and your spare keys all have in common.  Read More…

Car insurance buyers' guide: Car insurance jargon buster

A green car coming towards you

A glossary of car insurance terms... translated into plain English.

  Read More… hit the streets

Ellie and Nick in the studio

The lovely Nick and Ellie bring us the savior of young drivers, reasons to keep a much closer eye on your keys, and the exploits of comedian Patrick Monahan in our brand new online show.

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Barclays launches mobile phone payment app

An iPhone
Barclays has launched a new mobile phone service which allows UK current account holders to send money via their smartphone, simply by knowing the recipient's mobile phone number.  Read More…

Last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Valentine's flowers

We have a few suggestions for last-minute romantic gifts and gestures which might just save the day, and save you money.

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Compare mobile phone deals with

The iPhone 4S and the Galaxy Nexus

Looking for a new mobile phone? compares more than a million mobile phone deals to bring you the best.

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