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My insurer won't pay what my car's worth following a write-off. logo on the laptop screen

My car has been written off after being involved in an accident but my insurer is refusing to pay the amount I covered it for on the application policy. What are my rights?

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An accident wasn't my fault: How much can I claim? logo on the laptop screen

My car has been involved in an accident which was someone else’s fault, and I’m worried it might be a write-off. How much am I likely to get for it?

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Can I do my own repairs and bill the insurance provider after? logo on the laptop screen

My insurer is being slow in dealing with my claim, and my car needs repairing. Can I get the work done and bill my provider?

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Cut the cost of insuring a modified motor

A modified car with engine exposed

Cover for modified or kit cars can be more expensive. We show how to keep costs down

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Car insurance: How to cope with claim rejection

Car accident on a white background

If your claim for a payout on your motor policy is turned down, what are your options?

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How young drivers can save money on their car insurance

A woman driving a car

Our guide shows how 18 to 25-year olds can cut the cost of motor cover.

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Home insurance: Don't waste money by doubling up

iPhone 4s photo by Ethan.zhang99

Your home insurance policy may already give you protection for items such as mobiles and household appliances

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Most popular cat and dog names revealed

A pug tilting its head in confusion

The most popular cat and dog names are revealed with a new name making the top ten.

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Are your kids insured to go back to school?

British school road sign

The rise in the amount of expensive kit our children take to school every day means getting the right home insurance cover is crucial

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The toolbox

A car engine being maintained

Maintaining a vehicle can be a time-consuming and expensive job. Once you’ve got your car on the road there are a few basic maintenance points you’ll need to be aware of to keep it that way, so we’ve compiled a selection of useful guides and articles for keeping your car in tip-top condition.

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