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Tips on choosing a puppy

a pug tilting its head in confusion

This time of year always coincides with a surge in the number of people buying their first dog, so March will see potential pet owners on the lookout for the best breeds.

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House-swapping making a comeback

House-swapping holidays are on the rise

More and more people are turning to house-swapping in a bid to get a value-for-money holiday amid public spending cutbacks and rising inflation, a survey has found.

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Why has my car insurance premium risen after a claim? logo on the laptop screen

If I pay a motor insurance premium to cover the possibility of an accident, why am I penalised for a number of years with an increase to my insurance payments after an accident has occurred? Isn’t that what I pay a premium for?

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Most unusual home insurance claims

a crocodile skull on white background

Every now and then, insurance companies can be shocked by the things customers claim for. Here are some of the most unusual home insurance claims.

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Top 25 ways to save money when times are hard

Money in jars building up

Shoplifting, DIY haircuts and selling items on ebay are just some of the measures Brits will take in a bid to save some cash, according to research.

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Advice when buying a car on eBay

Car key

More and more people are using eBay to buy used cars, and you can often bag a great deal. Find out what to watch out for in our informative guide.

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The 5 most expensive car crashes

Ferrari 250 GTO by Podknox

A car crash can be costly for any vehicle owner and can bump up motor insurance premiums to massive costs! We've compiled a list of  the five most expensive car crashes ever.

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Will my home insurance cover snow damage? logo on the laptop screen

My guttering has been damaged by snow. Will this be covered by my home insurance policy?

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Do home insurance policies cover snow damage?

Country house in snow

My guttering has been damaged by snow. Will this be covered by my home insurance policy?

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Are women really less confident drivers?

A woman driving a car

As a survey shows women are 'less confident' behind the wheel, we offer some tips.

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