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Chris Torney

Energy firm overcharging'‘costs us £50 each a year'

Thermostat control with pound sign

Labour claims that consumers are losing out because energy companies buy overpriced electricity from their own subsidiaries.

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Your home's top five energy-hungry appliances

children watching plasma TV

Where is most energy consumed around the home and what can we do to minimise its use? We look at your home's top five energy-hungry appliances.

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Will simpler tariffs lead to higher gas and electricity bills?

blue gas flame energy symbol

Plans to make gas and electricity deals simpler could backfire by pushing prices up, experts are warning.

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Will gas and electricity prices continue to soar?

blue gas flame pound symbol

For most households, the cost of gas and electricity is now the third largest outgoing, after mortgages or rent, and food bills.

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Millions set for cheaper energy deals

A lit gas hob

Millions of households are in line for cheaper energy bills under new reforms announced by the industry regulator.

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Businesses worried over rising energy prices

Plug being inserted into socket
The majority of businesses are worried about the rising impact of energy use on their bottom lines, a new study shows.  Read More…

British Gas pulls out of Which? Big Switch energy campaign

A light bulb in the shape of a pound sign
British Gas pulls out of consumer association Which's Big Switch campaign - in which energy users band together and use their collective bargaining power to get cheaper gas and electricity deals.  Read More…

The best energy suppliers revealed

Gas hob

New industry figures show an overall drop in complaints made against Britain’s leading energy suppliers.

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Our energy experts answer your questions

blue gas flame pound symbol

As part of Energy Saving Week, we hosted an online question and answer session with experts Greg Shreeve, from the Energy Saving Trust, and Lisa Greenfield,’s energy analyst. Here’s a round-up of the queries that were put to the panel.

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Getting started in caravanning

Guide icon for caravanning
Our guide shows how to take your first steps to saving money with a caravanning holiday...  Read More…

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Chris Torney

Chris Torney

Chris is the former personal finance editor at the Daily Express. He's been a journalist for more than 10 years and contributes to a wide range of finance and business titles.Read more from Chris

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