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Carl Chambers

Buying a used car? Then know your consumer rights

Mini cooper s

Whether buying a used car privately or through a dealership, it's important that you know your consumer rights to make sure you don't get stung.

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13 home moving costs to consider on top of the mortgage

Pound coin path

Now that the property market seems to be emerging from its slump, here’s some information on the costs involved in a home move.

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17 ways to save on van insurance

Transit driving

As all vans in the UK must be insured to use the roads, a big, competitive van insurance industry has sprung up to provide cover for these ever-present highway workhorses.

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Should older drivers re-sit their driving test?

Woman learning to drive

Despite high-profile calls for older drivers to be forced to retake their driving test, research shows that drivers over 70 years of age are actually amongst the safest on UK roads.

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A guide to pet insurance

Pet insurance

For many people, pets are part of the family. The sheer joy they bring to a home, plus the faithful companionship they offer, means that these furry friends soon become much loved by their keepers. That’s why, when a pet gets ill or injured, no time is wasted in getting to a vet.

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Pump my ride! Why petrol prices are sky high again author Carl Chamber's Carl Chambers laments as petrol prices pinch his purse strings...Hi there wannabe money savers! Whilst in my car this morning, the radio blurted out that the UK has emerged from 18 months’ of recession.

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10 cheaper car insurance tips for new drivers

A lady driver showing car key

As all young drivers know, car insurance is pricey. This is because new drivers are, by definition, inexperienced and therefore more likely to get into a scrape. However, there are ways you can drive down the cost of cover.

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Fiscal tips and Alistair author Carl Chamber

As promised, VAT will go back up in the New Year - but did we feel the full benefit anyway?'s Carl Chambers shares his views..

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10 things to ask when viewing a home

Row of houses in London

Unless you’re in the market for an original Van Gogh, a new home will be the biggest purchase of your life. Therefore, before signing 25 years of your life away on a mortgage, it’s vital that you know exactly what you’re paying for.

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Know your mortgage: Flexible mortgages

Row of houses with mortgage sign

Flexible (sometimes called ‘lifestyle’) mortgages let you make extra repayments when you’re flush with cash, and allow partial payments, or even payment holidays, when you’re a little skint.

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Carl Chambers

Carl Chambers

Carl Chambers worked as a consumer interest writer at between 2007 and 2010. We miss his terrible puns!

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