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Over 50s life insurance

Find over 50s, 60s or 70s life cover with

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Do I need life insurance if I'm over 50?

Although you might still feel you are in the prime of your life, shocking data released by the Office for National Statistics shows that across the UK in 2011 almost 17,000 men in their 50's passed away. Unfortunately, the statistics for women are no less frightening, with over 11,000 women dying in their 50's in the same period.

UK death rates 2011 *Details taken from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

According to the same ONS data, whether you're male or female and in your 60s you are over 45% more likely to die compared to when you were in your 50s, as you get older, this percentage remains high. 

The good news is, if you have a healthy lifestyle the chances of something so drastic happening to you are lower. Despite that, in terms of protecting your loved ones, it's best to plan for the worst case scenario. Making sure you are fully covered will give you peace of mind that should the worse happen, your family could have the financial help they need.

What could my policy cover?

  • Funerals - By taking out an over 50s life insurance policy (or whole of life policy as it's sometimes called) you could protect your family from financial hardship. With the average funeral costing in excess of £2,000, this initial outlay could be covered when your family needs the help the most
  • Financial gift - Leaving a financial gift behind for your loved ones, whether that's children, grandchildren or just people who are close to you
  • Household bills – Even the basics can mount up so having some extra money from a life policy could help pay the extra bills you leave behind

Use our life insurance calculator to work out how much cover you could need.

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What if I'm over 60?

If you're aged over 60 or 70 and looking for over 60s life insurance you can still take out an over 50s policy (also sometimes referred to as whole of life insurance), as it offers the same plan.  There are three big factors that determine how much would be paid out when you die:

  • Your age
  • Whether you're a smoker
  • What premium you'd like to pay each month i.e. £10, £15, £20 etc

You pay your agreed monthly premium either until you die, or until you reach 90, then when you eventually pass away, the policy will pay out - bear in mind there may be an initial period where the policy won't pay out, typically 18 months - 2 years.  If you've set it up in trust, it'll go to whoever you name as the beneficiary. Regardless of whether you're elderly or senior, you could still get cover in place whether that's to cover funeral costs or to leave a financial gift for loved ones.

Why buy through offers a number of specialist services, including finding life policies for over 50s. We can return a quote in a matter of minutes - and with a personalised quote, you can be sure you're getting a quote that's tailored to your needs. With the assurance of an established UK provider behind your policy, you'll know your family will be well taken care of.

  • With you have guaranteed acceptance without the need for a medical. This means that we will have a policy that will be able to cover you without having to have a full medical health check from a professional.
  • The premiums will never rise, so you can find a policy that best suits your needs and as well as your pocket.
  • We also specialise in other products like over 50’s travel insurance and over 50’s car insurance

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