No deposit car insurance

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No deposit car insurace

No deposit car insurance and monthly payments

  • With the average comprehensive car insurance premium now costing £582*, finding the lump sum to pay for car insurance outright can be a struggle.
  • The good news is some insurance companies now offer monthly installment options, that make it possible to spread the cost across the year.
  • Although being able to spread the cost is handy for your cash flow, it’s worth bearing in mind that opting to pay your insurance in installments may end up costing you more as insurers may add increases to the total price to cover things like admin fees and interest. As well as this, some insurers may also ask for a larger payment upfront to begin the policy that can sometimes be as much as 20% of the policy value.
  • While all monthly policies do actually involve some form of payment, there are some insurers that offer monthly policies that avoid an up front lump sum payment that is larger than the remaining monthly payments and instead equally weight payments throughout the term of the policy.

*Towers Watson/ price index Q3 2014

Is no deposit car insurance a good option for me?

  • Avoids large upfront costs
  • Splits the cost of your premium equally throughout the year
  • Immediate insurance cover with only the first month’s installment to pay
  • Remember, even if you do decide to opt for a no deposit policy, it’s still possible to tailor the level of cover, excess and other features normally associated with a car insurance policy.

For more information on the different types of insurance, take a look at our guide to car insurance policy types.

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If you are looking for a policy that doesn't ask for a large deposit, make sure to compare the value of the first and remaining installments as results may include policies that ask for a large first deposit. QuickQuote Logo

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