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Car park etiquette - Don't prang & run!

  •  14 Mar, 2012

Have you ever parked in a car park and returned to find a brand-new, juicy dent? You're not alone.

Research by reveals car park scrapes cause UK motorists £1.3bn* worth of damage in a year.

And a significant number of prangers don't have the courtesy to leave their contact details, leaving the bumpees high and dry.

At, we want to remind motorists that manners cost nothing. So we're giving you a free car parking etiquette sticker to help spread the word.

Get your free sticker and holder

You can get hold of this fetching 'If you bump me don't run' sticker by emailing It comes with a window-mounted holder which doubles up as a tax disc holder.

You can read the terms and conditions here.


*According to research from OnePoll for of 2,000 respondents.

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