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What is a broadband, TV and phone bundle?

Most UK households pay in some form for a broadband, TV or phone service. Combining these bills into a single payment is known as a bundle.

This is a handy, single monthly fee for your broadband, TV and phone calls that can be cheaper than paying for all three separately. Perfect if you’re looking to save yourself some cash every year.

If you’re not looking to bunch all three products together, we do offer smaller bundles with just one or two services like broadband and phone. Either way, bundling is a great way to save yourself some money, so it’s a win-win!

Why compare broadband, TV and phone deals?

If you've been with your current provider for a while now, you might not be getting the best deal on your broadband, TV and phone.

Equally, if you've just moved home, you may be interested in finding a good deal before committing to a contract.

Offers and promotions change regularly so there’s usually a good chance you can:

  • Save yourself some money
  • Get faster broadband speeds
  • Find a bigger TV package
  • Receive cashback or vouches

You can get TV, broadband and phone from different providers, but combining them into one package can save you money. It also means there's just one bill and one monthly payment.

What's more, our comparison service is accredited by the government regulators Ofcom, which means we've passed their rigorous tests.

This includes checking the information we provide you is accessible, accurate, transparent, comprehensive and up-to-date.

Compare TV, broadband & phone deals

What is the best broadband deal for me?

Unfortunately, there's no straightforward answer to this one. What's best for you will depend on a whole range of factors but three key ones to think about are:

• Where you live
• Which services you want
• How much you want to or can afford to spend

Where you live is an important consideration as not all providers, services and deals are available everywhere.

Those living in more rural areas may not have the option of fibre optic broadband, so will be limited in their high-speed broadband choices.

When comparing broadband, TV and phone deals we'll ask you for your postcode. This means we'll only show you the options available in your area. 

Which services you want is something you'll need to think about. With so many package combinations to choose from, having an idea of the services you want will help narrow down your search.

The connection speed and broadband monthly usage allowance you need will depend on your household.
If you regularly stream TV like Netflix or Amazon Prime TV, or play online games, you'll probably benefit from an unlimited usage allowance. A fibre optic connection is also ideal if it's available in your area.

Look out for the minimum average speed the provider offers. This determines how fast web pages load, files download and the time streaming takes to buffer. If your household is a heavy broadband user, a fast speed is recommended.
How much you want to or can afford to spend will usually be the biggest influence over the package you choose. There are lots of combinations to choose from, and the monthly costs can vary significantly.

Although your bill will be charged monthly we'll also show you the total first year cost alongside any setup costs. The prices we show also include any line rental that comes with the deal.

With this clear breakdown of costs, you should be able to quickly work out what's within your budget.

Finally, if you're running a business you may want to consider business broadband rather than a domestic contract. Business deals usually offer you higher speeds and generous usage limits, which are key to keeping your business running online. 

What else should I consider?

As well as your location, the services you're looking for and your budget, you'll want to think about:

TV: number of channels and which packages are included e.g. do you want access to sports, movies, or kids channels?

Phone: whether you want inclusive anytime calls, evening and weekend calls or deals without a phone line.

Equipment costs (if any): wireless router or set-top box – most providers have their own branded equipment, which they'll supply free or for a charge.

Installation cost (if any): depending on whether your home is already set up, there may be a cost to get you connected to a provider.

Contract length: usually 12 – 18 months. Are you happy to be tied into a longer contract if you know you're getting a good deal or would you prefer the option of switching again after 12 months?

If you'd like more information on monthly contracts, try our helpful mobile phone contracts page.

How do I find just broadband deals?

Not looking for a bundle? If you just want to find the best broadband deals for streaming Netflix, Now TV or Amazon Prime, our broadband page has what you need.

We compare some of the UK's top broadband providers such as Virgin Media, BT and Sky.

Likewise, if you're just interested in the best mobile phone deals, pop over to our mobile phones page. There, you'll be able to browse through the latest Samsung and Apple phones (among others).

You'll also be able to see special offers from some of the UK's top phone networks such as EE, 02 and Vodafone. It's definitely worth comparing to see how much you'll be able to save each month!

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*Saving based on average monthly bill of £33.99 from a nationally representative sample (1000) with a total first year cost of £407.88 vs a monthly cost of £18.95 from Onestream Fibre80 (>55Mbs), with a total first year cost of £227.40. Total first year savings of £180.48. Terms & Conditions apply. All prices are subject to geographical availability and offer dates. All information correct as of 27.06.2022.