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Why compare mobile phones with free gifts?

  • Everyone loves a good deal, and what better way to do that than by picking up a mobile phone that comes with a gift.  These days there are so many different gifts you can pick up such as PS4s, tablets, Xbox Ones, Laptops, TVs and more.  If you're not after a top of the range smartphone, it can be a great way to get a little more out of your contract as a cheeky present for yourself, or for a loved one.
  • Comparing mobile phones with makes it easy to pick your preferred gift. Simply select from a drop down list and you can see all the phones and plans where that gift is available, so you can pick the plan and handset that fits you best.

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  • Mobile phones have become a necessity in life, but you shouldn't need to pay high prices for service. Whether you need an email-ready handset or simple phones for your children, you can find our best deals here. Take top names such as iPhone, HTC, Orange and O2 to see how they compare on prices and plans.
  • Compare mobile phones for fast-fingered texting or long conversations for the lowest rates. You can also find large allowances for internet use on your smart phone by comparing providers

Still unsure on what to buy? You can compare a wide range of phones and deals with us including mobile phone contracts, pay as you go phones and SIM-only deals with us. We also have a handy mobile phones guides hub for any more questions you might have.

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