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America's most popular home trends

Were you even around in 2020 if you didn’t do a bit of DIY? Covid lockdowns really brought out the interior designer in many of us, as the pandemic left us with little else to do.

We found our inspiration in all kinds of places. From movies to social media, TV shows, pinterest, and countless how-to videos that showed us how to achieve our dream look.

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As home insurance experts, we know the home renovation trend is showing no signs of slowing down so we wanted to see which look was most popular. We tracked searches on Google across the States to see who was looking for what, and where style was truly thriving.


The predicted trends - where are they now?

Interior designers and DIY stores love predicting upcoming trends, and we’ve taken a look to see if those predictions have come true.

While some predictions were spot on, others faded into obscurity, only to be replaced by trends no-one saw coming. We’ve reviewed all of them to see what happened.


An asset showing what home trends were predicted to trend in 2021 vs what actually trended

Predicted trend: Cottagecore

What is it?

Cottagecore is a rustic look that harks back to a forgotten time, one of flowers in gardens, exposed beams, throw pillows and lots of wooden furniture. It boomed at the start of 2020, largely thanks to TikTok where it proved incredibly popular. If you cared for a sourdough starter during lockdown, you may have unknowingly been part of the trend.

Did the prediction come true?

Yes! Based on Google search volumes, we can see that Cottagecore is still being talked about now (198,750 searches per month), showing how something that started on social media can make it to the mainstream. But, it hasn’t quite made it to the top spot like was predicted.


Predicted trend: Rustic

What is it?

Rustic interior design incorporates elements from a few different styles, including coastal, cottage, Tuscan and modern. It’s built around minimalism, letting pieces speak for themselves and keeping rooms fuss-free. Think natural materials, aged finishes and a few rough edges.

Did the prediction come true?

Rustic interior design never made our top 5 trended list. Perhaps with so little going on in our social lives, we all decided we needed a little more home in our homes.


Predicted trend: Japandi

What is it?

Japandi merges 2 cultures that rarely get to meet in the real world: Japanese and Scandinavian. It blends simplicity, nature and minimalism, creating a calming haven that has just enough to make a house a home. It’s easy on the eye, and follows the rule that if something isn’t needed, it should take up no space.

Did the prediction come true?

This is another minimalistic look that never saw the light of day, Japandi proved to be too little, too late for budding interior designers.


Predicted trend: Vintage

What is it?

You can probably guess this one. Vintage design is considered anything that’s older than 20 years, which means your parents' old sofa probably makes the cut. It incorporates elements from decades gone by, in particular from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

You might call it retro, you might call it old fashioned, but interior designers couldn’t get enough of it. It’s a great way to be sustainable with your home decor, preventing things from going to waste and keeping furniture out of the skip.

Did the prediction come true?

Absolutely it did. Vintage design might love old decorations, but it’s still a modern trend.


Predicted trend: Farmhouse

What is it?

Farmhouse borrows inspiration from rustic, cottagecore and minimalism. It’s all about being cosy, forgetting modern stresses and going back to a more simple, less cluttered time of life. If you can throw in the odd chicken, bonus. Big knitted throws, scatter cushions and lots of exposed wood complete the look.

Did the prediction come true?

Farmhouse fashion has been a mainstay in interior design, and it doesn’t look like fading away any time soon.


So what interior designs did actually trend?

The top 5 interior design trends from 2021 were modern, farmhouse, cottagecore, vintage and Japanese. If you ask us, 3 of 5 isn’t bad. As with any prediction, a lot of it is based on guesswork, and interior design can go out of fashion.


The most popular home trends in each state

Take a look at which trends were most popular in the USA, getting a sneak peak behind the curtains of your nationwide neighbours.


An asset showing the most popular home trend style in each state

Modern interior design is the most popular in 32 states

Leading the way, and by some margin, is modern design. By its very definition, the modern look changes depending on the time, but currently it includes a monochromatic colour palette, clean lines, minimalism and natural finishes.

It’s the most popular look across the country, with states like California (61,080 Google searches), Illinois (14,060 searches) and New York (29,920 searches) all helping propel it to top spot. If you live in a new-build home, chances are a modern interior is what you’ve got.

Why is modern interior design so popular?

Jacqueline Hamilton, interiors expert at Seaforde Interiors explains: “Modern never goes out of style. Sleek lines and clutterless rooms make it an easy and functional way to live. Its appeal is across the board as the majority of people like it.”


Farmhouse interior design is the most popular in 14 states

Coming in second place is the farmhouse look. Characterised by a more relaxed style, you can expect to find rustic furniture, natural materials and real comfort in a farmhouse home. No matter where you live, farmhouse design can take you right to the heart of the countryside.

It conjures images of open fields, clucking chickens and rumbling tractors. It proves most popular in the likes of Alabama (4,630 searches), Indiana (4,760 searches), Mississippi (2,230 searches) and North Carolina (10,450).

What makes farmhouse interior design so successful?

According to Jacqueline: “Farmhouse has definitely had a resurgence this year. A few years ago it was considered twee and uncool, however with the recent pandemic people are harking back to simpler times. It’s a beautiful homely look that’s cosy and we all wanted to make our homes as comfortable as we could last year, turning them into sanctuaries.”


Tuscan interior design is the most popular in 3 states

Tuscan design attempts to make you feel like you’re on a sun-soaked holiday, using plenty of terracotta, iron finishes, stone and tiles. Imagine you’re waking up on an Italian getaway, surrounded by the smells of fresh coffee and full from a night of eating pasta. That’s Tuscan design in a nutshell. The 3 states it dominates are Maine (7,160 searches), Massachusetts (15,330 searches) and New Hampshire (5,650 searches).

Why does Tuscan design do so well?

Jacqueline Hamilton says: “It’s an absolutely beautiful look, it’s similar to farmhouse but uses a lot more stone, marble and neutral colours. Instead of wooden floors you’ll find stone earthy floors, beams and accents of terracotta accessories all again giving a simple rustic look.”


New Mexico prefers Japanese inspired interior design

This is the only state who prefers Japanese design over everything else, loving the lightness, lack of clutter, white walls and ‘zen’ finishes the look is known for. The style is popular nationwide, getting searched for 119,630 times across the country. But only New Mexico chose it as their favourite, racking up 4,290 searches for it - more than double that of any other interior design.

Is Japanese interior design still a good look?

Jacqueline Hamilton says: “Beautiful, elegant furniture and clutter free rooms make it an absolute dream to live in. The popularity of anime these last few years have taught us how to declutter and live a simpler life. These things have made the Japanese look so popular again, in fact, has it ever gone away? It never dates and I can see it remaining popular for a while.”


The most popular interior design products


An asset showing the most popular home items according to Google searches in the USA

It’s no use just wanting the look, you need to buy the products to help you complete it. These are the top 5 products people have been looking for over the past 12 months on Google, and the state in which they were the most in demand of all.

1. Farmhouse kitchen - 58,160 searches

Open plan, cosy and perfect for hosting. Farmhouse kitchens, complete with rustic wooden tables and exposed features, were the most popular interior design product over the past year.

They were particularly in-demand in California, where 12,100 searches were made for them. This beat competition from modern kitchens (9,900 searches), Japanese kitchens (8,100 searches) and, away from kitchens for a second, modern living rooms (6,600 searches).

2. Farmhouse tables- 56,100 searches

You can’t have a farmhouse kitchen without a solid farmhouse table in the centre of it. These tables are nearly always wooden, often incredibly chunky, and usually quite difficult to fit through your average kitchen door.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it’s Texas where these tables are more admired. The state searched for them 5,400 times in the past year, bringing the ranch from the outside into their living space. They loved modern kitchens just as much (5,400 searches), and farmhouse kitchens and modern living rooms a little less (4,400 searches).

3. Modern kitchens - 55,600 searches

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so a modern kitchen can really bring any property up to date. With sleek finishes, minimalist styles and monochromatic colours, they’re bright, airy places to cook and entertain. They offer the perfect background for some bright pops of colour with interesting prints and table decorations.

Florida loves modern kitchens more than any other state, racking up 5,400 searches for them throughout 2021. Farmhouse kitchens came second in the Sunshine State with 3,600 searches, while farmhouse tables complete their top three with 2,900 searches.

4. Modern living rooms - 37,960 searches

The perfect way to complement a modern kitchen is with a modern living room. These bright, open spaces place a big emphasis on light, and use a monochromatic palette to keep the room feeling airy and clutter-free. Expect lots of greys, charcoals and blacks, as well as plenty of flush furnishings to make the flow of the room easy and breezy.

Pennsylvanians love a modern living room, although not as much as they love a Victorian kitchen. They searched for the former 1,300 times last year, nowhere near as much as the 4,400 times they looked up Victorian design.

5. Japanese art - 29,380 searches

Completing our top 5 is Japanese art. Something of a rogue entry, and certainly not one that any trendsetters predicted, this art form is officially known as nihonga. It shows moments from the country’s past as well as architecture, nature and famous war scenes.

California was the biggest fan of Japanese art, totalling 5,400 searches and filling their homes with this distinctive style.


Amazon's most searched for products

If you do a lot of your shopping online, there’s a good chance you may turn to Amazon when it comes to interior design. We’ve rounded up the mega-site’s most searched products to show you what everyone is looking for. Will you be a trend follower or a trendsetter with your style?


An asset showing the most searched for products on Amazon in the USA

1. Art - Pop trend - 111,000 searches

Art, or pop-art in this instance, tops the Amazon hit list. With its striking designs and flashes of colour, pop-art can add a retro vibe to any home, while also fitting perfectly in a modern surrounding.

2. Art - Modern trend - 50,000 searches

Modern art takes second place. Featuring bold prints and high energy, replicas or originals can really add a touch of class to your interior design. They also let all your guests know you’re pretty cultured.

3. Tables Farmhouse trend - 33,500 searches

Farmhouse tables can cost a small fortune if you buy them from specialist retailers, but there’s always a deal to be found on Amazon. These big, chunky pieces of wood are great for hosting, although far less practical for fitting in your mail than most Amazon deliveries.

4. Sofa - Modern trend - 27,400 searches

Modern sofas are sleek, stylish and often monochrome, allowing them to fit in with any interior colour palette. Whether your walls are cream, black or zebra print, a modern sofa should compliment them perfectly.

5. Rugs - Vintage trend - 27,400 searches

Thick, welcoming vintage rugs takes fifth place on Amazon. When placed over laminate flooring or bare floorboards, they can add real warmth to a living space and provide the perfect spot to curl up and unwind.


Jessica Willock, home insurance expert at Confused.com says:

“Trends change all the time. What was fashionable a few years ago could soon become outdated, so it’s important to play the long game when it comes to any redecorating. If the changes you want to make to your home are structural, you should consider what this could do to your home insurance policy.

"Similarly, anything that’s likely to add value to your home should also be considered. Be sure to let your home insurance provider know so they can update your details and give you the most accurate quote.”

Home insurance for any style

Whether you love sleek modern lines or rustic countryside chic, home insurance can protect your interior design. We’ll help you compare our best home insurance deals, making it easy to protect the things you love from any accidental damage.