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Utility Warehouse (UW) is a multi-utility provider that supplies UK households with a full range of services. Read on to discover everything you need to know about its energy offering.

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Utility Warehouse doesn’t just offer gas and electricity tariffs to customers. It also invites customers to sign up for landline, mobile and broadband services. Not only do customers get to manage all their utilities from a single portal, but they can also enjoy discounts for bundling two or more services together.

Utility Warehouse is the brand name for Telecom Plus and was established in 2002. From the outset it has marketed itself as a multi-service provider. After initially outsourcing its gas and electricity customers to a third party (npower) in 2006, the company brought them back directly into the fold in 2013.

The company has over one million customers across all its services. In the energy supply market, it currently enjoys a 2.9% (electricity) and 3.1% (gas) market share respectively, according to Ofgem’s latest figures (Q4 2023). This equates to around 747,500 (electricity) and 650,100 (gas) customers respectively, and places it eighth in the list of UK suppliers.

Utility Warehouse customers have rated the supplier an average 4.3 stars on TrustPilot as of May 2024. More than 47,000 reviews have been posted, 68% of which give the supplier a 5-star rating.

Utility Warehouse offers fixed and variable rate tariffs for dual fuel, electric-only and gas-only customers. Utility Warehouse gas and electric tariffs can be standard credit (paid for by Direct Debit) or prepayment. UW’s tariffs also support 2-rate electricity prices for those with Economy 7 meters.

Those looking to take only energy from UW must choose its Value tariff. This is a standard variable tariff, and tracks the price of Ofgem’s energy price cap. This means it changes every three months in line with the price cap itself. Two additional variable rate tariffs are also available: Gold and Double Gold. These require customers to take their energy with one or two other Utility Warehouse services (see below). Both tariffs offer discounted rates.

Those looking to fix their tariff for 12 months will need to combine energy with at least one other service. Both UW Fixed and UW Fixed Saver tariffs also require users to either have smart meters installed or agree to have them fitted (for free).

Utility Warehouse also offers separate broadband, mobile and home cover services to its customers. The more services customers take with their energy as a bundle, the bigger the discount.

Utility Warehouse tariffs work with all types of meters. They support older non-smart meters as well as new smart meters. In addition, prepayment meters are supported along with single- and multi-rate meters.

Can I get a smart meter with Utility Warehouse?

Yes, Utility Warehouse will fit smart meters for all customers. Existing customers don’t have to pay a penny for the upgrade, while new customers can get £50 off their bill if they have a smart meter fitted when joining. Find out more and book an appointment on the Utility Warehouse website.

The Utility Warehouse contact page provides a full list of contact details as well as normal opening hours. Contact options include:

  • Customer services: UW mobile users can call 150, while UW landline users can call 0333 777 0777. A freephone number is also available for other phone users: 0800 977 5777.
  • Prepayment technical issues: Call 0333 003 5644. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8.30am-8pm, Saturday 9am-4.30pm, and Bank Holidays from 10am to 4pm.
  • Prepayment emergency issues: Call 0333 0220 0233 outside of the hours listed above.
  • Send a message: Use the form on the contact page.

Does Utility Warehouse have an app?

Yes, the Utility Warehouse app for iPhone and Android allows users to view and manage their UW accounts. Energy-specific features include:

  • View monthly bills, plus change Direct Debit payments
  • Submit meter readings
  • Top up prepayment smart meters

Utility Warehouse offers a single tariff – Double Gold – that comes with 100% renewable electricity. All other tariffs come with only a small proportion (12.4% according to its fuel mix) of electricity sourced from renewable sources. The renewable electricity used isn’t generated by the company but sourced through Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates.

Utility Warehouse has a dedicated support page for those struggling with their energy bills. It’s keen for customers to speak to it quickly if they’re struggling to pay their bills or repay energy debts. The company also operates a hardship fund to provide financial assistance for those who really need it.

If you’re struggling with your energy bills, check out our comprehensive guide to getting help with your energy repayments. You’ll find a full range of options, from government schemes and help for those on low incomes to links to useful charities and other organisations.

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