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Octopus Energy reviews, tariffs and information

Octopus Energy provides both gas and electricity to homes and businesses. Find out everything you need to know about the UK’s current number one electricity supplier.

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Octopus Energy is one of the UK’s “big six” suppliers of gas and electricity. The company is focused on delivering affordable green energy to its customers. It’s rapidly expanded from its launch in 2016 to supply green energy across Europe and as far afield as the US, New Zealand and Japan. Not only does Octopus supply energy to customers, but its umbrella of companies also invests in renewable energy generation.

Octopus Energy was founded in December 2015, and has rapidly expanded since its launch. A large proportion of its expansion has been through taking on customers from other companies that have either ceased trading (Bulb) or exited the market for other reasons (Shell Energy). As a result of its acquisition of 1.4 million Shell customers, Octopus is currently the largest electric supplier in the UK with 22% of the market as of Q4 2023. It’s also the second largest gas supplier behind British Gas.

Octopus Energy has an average rating of 4.8 stars with TrustPilot, as of April 2024. Over 265,000 reviews have been submitted, 89% of them awarding it a 5-star rating. It’s rated 4 out of 35 best companies in TrustPilot’s Energy Supplier category.

Octopus Energy offers a range of variable and fixed-rate tariffs, including tariffs for prepayment users. They also offer a range of tariffs for those on smart meters. These include special tariffs for those with electric vehicles (Octopus Go), heat pumps (Cosy Octopus) or solar panels and batteries (Octopus Flux).

What’s the Octopus Tracker tariff?

The Octopus Tracker tariff is a variable rate gas and electric tariff based on prices in the wholesale energy market. This is the same market that energy suppliers use to buy their energy. Unlike normal tariffs, the Octopus Tracker tariff’s prices change on a daily basis, so it’s only available to customers who have a smart meter.

Prices can change rapidly, and because the tariff isn’t protected by Ofgem’s energy price cap, you could end up paying up to 100p/kWh for electricity and 30p/kWh for gas on certain days.

What’s the cheapest tariff with Octopus?

The cheapest tariff with Octopus changes depending on various factors. On a day-to-day basis, there will be times when Octopus Tracker is the cheapest. This is particularly true during warmer and lighter months. During the autumn and winter, however, Octopus Tracker prices are likely to be significantly more than the other Octopus tariffs.

Compare energy prices across a range of providers, including Octopus, to find a cheaper deal with Confused.com.

Octopus Go is a tariff for electric vehicle owners. It offers discounted electricity for a set number of hours every night depending on the tariff and whether you have a smart meter. During this time – typically 4-6 hours – cars can be charged at cheaper rates.

Octopus Energy supports both credit and prepayment meters, including older non-smart meters.

Can I get a smart meter with Octopus?

Yes. If you own your property, Octopus will fit a smart meter for free. If you rent your property, you will need to be the bill payer. Even then you should speak to your landlord before getting one fitted.

A full range of contacts can be found on the Octopus Energy website. Options include a free phone line – 0808 164 1088 – that’s available Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, and Friday 9am-4pm for normal queries, or 24/7 for emergencies. Outside these hours, email the company at hello@octopus.energy.

Yes, Octopus Energy offers a free app for Android and iPhone users. Customers can view a summary of their account, access their bills, check their energy usage and more directly from the app.

Yes, Octopus Energy offers 100% renewable electricity to all its customers. It operates its own wind and solar farms as well as buying electricity from other providers. It also offers a renewable gas tariff (Super Green) that offsets the CO2 produced by the gas used on the tariff.

Octopus Energy offers the Octo Assist Fund, which has provided over £30 million in funding to Octopus customers struggling to pay their bills. If you’re struggling to meet your energy costs, check out our guide to getting help with your energy bills to see what options are available.

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