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Chevrolet in its current form has only been a presence on our roads since the early 2000's. Although there were and still are some of the American performance-based models available in this country, the Chevrolet that we are most familiar with has now aligned itself with good value, reliability and striking looks.

The current range of Chevrolets are designed to include something for everyone. Whether you've opted for the Spark, a perfect buy for a young driver, or the Cruze, the sleek saloon for families and businessmen alike, having the right cover is important.

  • To help you understand the potential cost of insuring your Chevrolet, we’ve put together some information on their current range. In the tables below you’ll find the engine sizes, tax brackets and typical insurance groups for each model
  • Insurance companies use insurance groups to calculate premiums. You can find an explanation of how groups work here
  • Generally, the higher the insurance group, the more expensive the premium. You can find more information on Chevrolet cars and their potential insurance costs below

Chevrolet Aveo

The Aveo may have officially entered production in 2008, but its predecessors have been around in their various generations, under a huge range of names, for much longer, meaning that since 2002, the Aveo has been evolving and adjusting to suit the global market.

AVeo Model Engine Size Typical Group Range* Tax Bracket Range
LS (08-11) 1.2 14-15 D-E
S (08-11)  1.2 14-15 D
LT (11-on) 1.2 5 C-E
LT 1.2-1.3 5-9 A-F
 LTZ  1.3-1.4 7-10 B-F

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As Chevrolet’s entry in the growing market for crossover vehicles, it’s not quite a car, not quite a 4x4. It is, in fact, a family SUV built with a careful combination of power and practicality, safety and style.

Its typical group range, engine sizes and safety features all reflect that despite looks, this is a safety-first family car.  

Captivia Model Engine Size Typical Group Range* Tax Bracket Range
LS 2.0-2.4 21-28 G-K
Ikon 2.0-2.4 23-28 J-k
LT 2.0-2.2 28 H-K
LTX 2.0 28 J-K
 LTZ 2.0-2.2 28-29 H-K
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Chevrolet Matiz

With its small dimensions and engines, the Matiz manages to get into ABI insurance groups 11 and below, making it a great option for young drivers, or a cheap second car for runarounds.

Matiz Model Engine Size Typical Group Rating* Tax Bracket Range
S 0.8 6 C
SE 0.8-1.0 7-8 E-G
LE 1.0 7-10 E-G
SE+ 1.0 7-10 E-G
Flair 0.8-1.0 6-8 D-E
 SX 1.0 11 E

Chevrolet Spark

With its small engine range, from 1.0 – 1.2 liters, small size and good safety ratings, the Spark manages to keep itself in a low group range, typically between 1 and 10.

Coupled with low emissions, tax and running costs, the spark is a neat little runaround that won’t cost an arm and a leg to keep on the road.

Spark Model Engine Size Typical Group Rating* Tax Bracket Range
Standard Trim 1.0 1 C
Plus (+) 1.0 3 C
LS 1.0-1.2 4-5 C
LS+ 1.2 5 C
LT 1.2 9 C
 LTZ 1.2 10 C

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Did you know?

  • Established - November 3rd 1911
  • Founder(s) - Louis Chevrolet, William C. Durrant
  • Headquarters - Detroit, Michigan, U.S
  • Owner - General Motors Company

Chevrolet, colloquially know as Chevy, is a car brand produced by GM, originally founded over 100 years ago by William C. Durant. They sell a wide range of vehicles worldwide, from subcompact autos to medium-duty commercial trucks, and are best known for their consistent value, reliability and styling. QuickQuote Logo

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