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Campaigns and special reports

Find out all the things we're doing to make your life on the roads better.

Here you can find all of's campaigns and feature content, from the wonder of the British service station to the car name generator.

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EU Gender Directive: What you need to know

EU Gender directive

The EU Gender Directive means that insurance companies cannot price on the basis of sex, meaning women may soon have to pay more. Find out what this means for you.'s burglary experiment

A burglar's feet

To highlight the issue of home security, gave three people the chance to break in to a house and pilfer some of the UK’s most stolen items. Find out what happened here.

Motorists and cyclists

Cycle safety map teaser image

Explore our cycle safety hub where you can see accident hotspots around the UK and report your incident. Be sure to check out the videos too.

Motorway lighting petition

Cars driving at night on a motorway

Our research reveals that the midnight switch-off for lights on UK roads poses risks to drivers, with 47 per cent of drivers feeling less confident on motorways at night. Sign the petition now.