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Caravan security: a guide

A white caravan in a green fieldIf you’ve invested in a caravan, keeping it secure is paramount. It might surprise you to learn that around 4,000 caravans are stolen in the UK each year, and only 10% are ever recovered. Plus you’ll know that caravans aren’t especially cheap, so it’s well worth taking a few basic safety and security steps to keep yourself from heartbreak.

What you’ll principally need are a good alarm, a tracker and a hitch lock. This should cost you a few hundred pounds, but – for a safe caravan and peace of mind – it’s good value for money. And this should also save you money on your caravan insurance premiums, so a good level of security can pay for itself over time.

So let’s look at the options...

Caravan alarms

You can’t keep an eye on your caravan at all times, so you may well want to invest in an alarm. A 115 decibel alarm should scare the living daylights out of any potential thief. As well as internal and external protection, which is a great benefit in itself, this should also get you a discount on your insurance.

Hitch locks

Concerned that a potential thief might be able to hitch up and tow your pride and joy away? If you’ve got a hitch lock you won’t be. Some have a tamper alarm for extra protection. And if you’ve got corner-steady locks, then your caravan will be like Fort Knox.

Caravan trackers

Obviously it’s best if your caravan doesn’t get pinched in the first place. But if it does, you’re certain to want your van and property inside it recovered. Having a tracker installed will vastly increase your chances of finding it again. Not only that, but having one installed should also bump down your annual premium to boot.

Wheel clamps

Although wheel clamps are far from fool-proof, they can act as a visual deterrent for your opportunist thief. The physical effectiveness of clamps can vary widely, so be sure to do your homework before buying.

Where can I get these wonderful items?

If you’re thinking of investing in any of these security items, or indeed anything else to enhance your camping experience, shopping online at Towsure is a good place to start. And if you’ve got a local camping store, checking prices against Towsure will be a good indicator of whether or not you’re paying over the odds.

Last but not least – check your site is secure

Where your caravan lives is likely to have as much impact as the security equipment you buy. And, as with investing in security, keeping the van in a safe site can reduce what you have to pay in insurance. The Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) is the industry-recognised body which oversees the standards of sites. CaSSOA rate the sites on the basis of their security, so keeping your van in a higher-rated site should lower your premiums whilst heightening your peace of mind accordingly.

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