Working from home savings calculator

Before the coronavirus pandemic, how did you usually travel to work?

If you travelled to work in a few different ways, select your most common type of commute or the one that cost the most. You'll see the savings more clearly!

How many days would you typically commute to work?

If you used a monthly parking permit please divide this cost by 20.

Where did you park your car while at work?
Did you use a travel pass or permit?
How did you pay for it?

For example driving to a train station, before getting the train to work.

For example, after-work drinks, gym memberships, shopping.

How many days do you think you'll be working from home in the future?

This is based on your new working pattern and how much you save by not commuting as often.

If you're now working from home - don't worry, you probably don't need to tell your insurer.

If you are not driving to work anymore - don't forget to update your insurer.

You could save money

Increase in energy spend

While charging your laptop for 8 hours a day isn't going to break the bank, you will see an increase in your energy costs while working from home.

Running the heating, leaving lights on and cooking the extra home-made meal will add a few pounds to your energy bill PER DAY.

But you can still save by switching to a cheaper tariff.

Compare energy prices