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Timi Merriman-Johnson - Mr MoneyJar

Finance tips for second year students and beyond

Living off campus

After your first year of uni you may live off campus for the first time. This is a simple tip, but living close to where your courses will be held will result in less travel time and costs overall.

So think carefully about where you choose to live off campus.

How can I save while living in a house share?

Living in a house share is a great time to make the most of cashback websites when signing up for bills and utilities.

Also make sure to apply for a council tax exemption if you’re living in a rented flat, and do consider taking out contents insurance so your belongings are protected.

Should I get a part time job?

You might want to get a part time job to earn some extra income whilst studying at university. If you’re more of a people person, or you’re looking to make new friends then you may fancy a job in retail or at the student bar.

But there are plenty of ways to make money from home too, including content creation, freelance writing and tutoring.

Should I get contents insurance?

Contents insurance can seem like an expensive option, but it can work out cheaper than a Netflix subscription, and could save you if you have your phone or your laptop stolen.

You can get a quote at Confused.com

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