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Keeping costs low is an important part of running a business. Gas and electricity are two overheads that can significantly drive up your monthly outgoings, especially as businesses use a lot more energy than average households.

To keep your business’s energy bills as low as possible, you need to keep engaged with your contracts and make sure that you don’t end up paying more than you should. Business energy switching can be a really simple way to cut your company’s costs.

To put it simply, a business energy switch can save you money. If your company has been with the same supplier for a long time, if you’ve moved into a new premises or let your old energy deal expire without arranging a new one, then it’s very likely you’re paying more than you should for your business energy. In these circumstances, a business energy switch will save you money.

Business energy switching can also be a great opportunity to get your company improved service. While competitive pricing is an obvious concern, it’s well worth the effort to look a little further past the price point to see what else a supplier can offer.

How much your business could save with a business gas switch depends on your current supplier and contract.

If you’ve never changed your energy deal, you’ll be able to slash bills simply by making the move to switch business energy supplier. A 2015 Competition and Markets Authority investigation revealed that around 40% of companies haven’t conducted business energy switching in the past five years and 39% have never switched electricity and gas supplier or tariff at all.

Business energy consumers face more restrictions than domestic companies when it comes to switching their suppliers. The terms of business energy contracts stipulate that business energy switching can only take place when a contract enters into its ‘switching window’. This typically occurs up to six months before the expiry of your contract and can last anywhere between 30 days and four months.

Most fixed-rate business energy contracts run for a period of between one and three years and you won’t be able to exit them early without incurring large penalty fees. Some commercial energy suppliers don’t allow early exiting at all.

Comparing tariffs and deciding to switch business gas supplier is a little trickier for business customers than it is for residential customers. While domestic customers can simply compare a range of ready-made tariffs, business energy customers must contract energy suppliers individually and ask for bespoke quotes to be drawn up.

It’s important to try and compare quotes from as many different suppliers as possible to ensure you get a good picture of what’s available on the market.

Unlike domestic gas contracts, negotiation can play a part in securing a competitive business energy contract.

There are two main types of business energy contract, fixed-rate and variable-rate contracts:

Fixed-rate contracts charges a set price per unit (kWh) for the duration of the contract. This does not fix the total amount that you pay each month, which will vary according to your usage.

Variable-rate contracts link your unit rates to market activity, meaning they may fluctuate.

Once you’ve gathered enough quotes, you’ll then need to compare the unit cost and the standing charge for each:

  • The unit cost is the price you pay for each unit of gas (measured in kWh) your business uses.
  • The standing charge is a fixed daily charge that covers the maintenance of the national grid, and the cost of transporting gas direct to your business premises.

Gathering and comparing business energy quotes can be quite time consuming. The simplest way to compare business energy tariffs and switch business energy supplier is to give the Confused.com business energy team a call on 0800 158 5296.

After a short chat to find out about your company’s gas needs, our experts will find, negotiate and compare a whole host of tariffs from a range of different suppliers. To do this, they’ll need a few details about your company’s gas use which can be found on a recent bill:

  • The name of your current gas supplier
  • The name of your tariff, and its end dates
  • Your supply type
  • How much gas your business uses

Our energy experts will be able to advise you on what looks like the best fit for your company’s needs. Once you’ve found a deal you love and your business has entered its switching window, we’ll handle the process to switch business energy supplier so you can enjoy your new supply seamlessly.

To find out how much you could save with a business energy switch call Confused.com today on 0800 158 5296 and speak to one of our energy experts.

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and we'll call you to tell you how much you could save.
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