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One in 10 households are fuel poor

  •  12 Jun, 2014
gas hob

Around 10% of families in England struggle to pay their gas and electricity bills, according to official data.

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Cards spending total tops £500bn

  •  04 Jun, 2014
Red credit card

Consumers' annual spending on cards topped £500 billion for the first time across 2013, a report has found.

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Santander 123 credit card offers 1% cashback on flights

Booking flights online

Santander has upgraded its interest-free 123 credit card so that it now offers cashback on flights and travel bookings - just in time for summer.

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Smartphone review: Moto E

Moto E and coloured cases

There's plenty of competition at the budget end of the smartphone market. We look at Motorola's new Moto E: its features, functions and impressive £99 price tag.

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M&S launches new current account

  •  15 May, 2014
UK money in coins and notes

Marks & Spencer stepped up competition in the banking sector on Thursday by launching its first "free" current account.

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The four best credit cards to use on holiday

Gold holiday credit card

With the holiday season fast approaching, we’ve picked out four of the best credit cards to save you money on your travels this summer.

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Five ways to get more life from your laptop

Someone tapping away at a keyboard

Can't live without your laptop? If so, these five maintenance tips can help you avert a crisis.

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Extra bedroom adds most value to your home

House worker

If you want to boost your home’s value, adding a bedroom or enlarging your kitchen is the best option, say experts. Would you rather improve than move?

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One in seven Brits cheat financially on their partners

Young couple in bed depicting cheating

One in seven people in a relationship say they regularly lie to their other half about how much money they spend, according to new research.

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Contactless payments top £100 million

  •  30 Apr, 2014
Contactless payment point

People's spending using contactless "tap and go" card payments has topped £100 million in a month for the first time, industry figures show.

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